Monday 2 September 2019

'nids part 271 - Genestealer cult - Acolyte Iconward - Big Build TO DONE!

Full disclosure - this is technically a 2018/19 season Big Build TO DONE! However, aside from the Sanctum Imperialis showcase I really wanted to move onto the Season. The Big Teal Stamp of approval has challenging connotations that I'd rather move on from. Anyway the Acolyte Iconward has been built a long time but I only just added it to the base and used cork for the first time to represent shattered rockcrete [like all the big kids do!]. It also adds another few millimetres of height which is never a bad thing [except when you're packing the model away].

I'm hoping he'll be a Character choice in one of my Battle of the Brush challenges. September is the next one, which is too soon but it might be a nice way to close out December. I've actually got a couple of Genestealer Familiars built and based too that could go with him [although technically he doesn't get them]. Regardless my first Big Build Galactic Stamp of Approval. 


  1. First one of the season, start as you mean to go on. As an aside, I think you should add a sub-bar to the blog so it appears under the posts, or in sidebar, but seen that is quite long anyway - with a mini 'stamp of approval' tally, so as the season goes on, you can at a glance see all the stamps you've accumulated?

    1. I'll have a look. There's a lot about blogger that is currently difficult to work on because of IT policies and weirdness with how it integrates Google photos, not just the missing images when editing. I've already prepped my review post for August 26 2020. That's usually where I keep track but I appreciate that doesn't let readers of the blog follow along. It does however lead to a bit of a reveal come review day...