Monday 24 April 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing - Some little progress

I've a post on Wednesday of where my head is @, and I recognise it may well feel very different because it was written when these pictures were taken on the 10th April. Its only now I can fit the posts into my schedule but the situation currently is that as much as I want to box off the Ravenwing the black is defeating me. It's not so much I can't do it, the pictures below are evidence I can, it's just that the thought of doing it fills me with a state of inertia.

I tried to resolve this by tackling the bikers that have the least amount of black, for some reason choosing the Company Champion and not the Apothecary [who was already more advance] as my primary objective. As is clear in the picture I've managed to match the black with my previous Ravenwing bikes but for some reason I was left disappointed, fearing I'd gone too light with the highlights. I need to remind myself not to judge a model until it's complete, or at least until I deem it complete. I tried to carry on regardless but put my efforts into the Stonewall grey on all the bikes - picking out the company markings and purity seals. I also Strong Tone washed them all and did their cloaks hoping I'd feel reinvigorated to tackle some, if not all of the remaining bikes. So far it's not the case. Two have started highlighting eleven left to do.

And at the risk of getting confused when I shared this I Stonewalled the Assault squad too. I may well do some green on these at some point while my head resets...

Come back Wednesday [or whenever] for a load of psycho-babble! ;)

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