Friday 24 April 2020

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights - SHIELDS!

Afternoon #warmongers and I am still #paintingwarhammer Dark Angel Deathwing Knights and I finally caved into gluing on the shields. I may regret it, it might be too early but I'd highlighted the bone on the shield and just wanted to have them as a whole instead of 10 discrete pieces 

I had tried highlighting the inner shield but the wash was not helping, the end result I just drybrushed, with stiff fine bristled brush, so I could really work the bone in and I think it's a pretty smooth blend all things considered.

I still have his cloak to do, which leaves me with the quandry of how much I highlight in the back here. If anyone has read David Eddings Belgariad the simple answer is I'll know it's highlighted even if no one will ever see, but technically it'd all be in shadow anyway so highlighting it would be wrong...

I also need to do a bit more shading - like the inset shapes on the arch above his hood.

I will do that before the final bone highlight so I don't end up spoiling anything with wash splodges on the highlights.

I'll also need to consider how much tribal markings I add. These are highly detailed miniatures, adding on patterns might just make them too busy.

But the carapace, leg plates, butt plates and thigh plates might be the best choices as the back is pretty plain looking. Afterall this will likely be the view I get so I don't want to get the most boring one.

All the greys need a Valejo Stonewall Grey highlight and then white, not to mention skintones.

At least you can see some depth from the washes on this shoulder pad. I also painted all the rubber joints. I don't think I even highlighted these on the Dark Vengeance terminators last time round. No doubt that's another debate I'll need with myself down the line.

A lot of those rivets'studs are really shoddy looking with the washes/highlights. I wish I could be neater but we are where we are now - c'est la vie.

Steady progress, I'm actually getting there. I know I have still lots to do but I can feel momentum now, I can feel these are 'inevitable'.

That's not to say I'm not dipping into other things - I've made a little more progress on my Adeptus Titanicus models - the Titans are almost fully constructed and glued together and the metallics are just waiting for touch ups and then I wash the whole lot. But, I also want to do my Land Raider at the same time but as that represents a significant effort I don't want to interrupt the Deathwing just yet with those tasks - it's about balancing projects, motivation, resource and workload.

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