Monday 13 April 2020

Adeptus Titanicus - Titans in Manufactorum - Big Build - Prime and Base TO DONE!

As much as I wasn't feeling the hobby there are always some things I feel comfortable doing and priming is one of them, because as sure as eggs is eggs I'll get my mojo back eventually and if I've got stuff ready to go then I can speed things along immeasurably.

So on top of the priming and basing I did a quick pass of vermilion. The Warplock Bronze is going to be a nightmare but still more progress than I planned.

The Reaver got bronzed [even though I planned on doing them silver I just couldn't]. Those arms need doing...

Warhounds also got done. They were primed black and then I did a quick grey prime for the armour panels but it was a much lighter primer than I expected and satin too. It won't be an issue in the end but it was a setback when it happened.

All the bases have been further highlighted since this. I am discovering I hate doing all the metallic armour edges - it fills me with no satisfaction whatsoever. I'd be even more stressed but I have now clung to that most important rule of painting.

I'm convinced I can cover all the crap bits, and everything that's gone wrong in the end. I have to be patient which is frustrating as I actually just want to get them done. They were completely off-list but they look gorgeous and will be awesome when they're finished - I have no doubts... although the guns I'm not so sure about ;)

Big Build Galactic Stamp of Approval for basing these puppies.

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  1. Titans (and knights)! Nicely done. Spry little buggers!