Monday 20 April 2020

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights - BONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and I am #paintingwarhammer Dark Angel Deathwing Knights. Having been disappointed by my last wash it took some significant willpower to finally get back to these and thankfully it has paid off - in getting me motivated at least.

It turns out it takes me around 40-60 minutes to do the first highlight on the bone. Not sure if I should be embarrassed about that but I can't hide the fact. 

In part this made painting all 5 that little bit harder because on the plus side I knew how long it would take, on the negative side that's 5 nights/sessions work... 

And that's not including the 2 or 3 extra terminators I'm doing at the same time as the knights!

A lot to do and as my pace is so slow it's also frustrating because this highlight covers so much of what had just been added in the wash and the original primer/basecoat.

I wish I was either a little braver to keep more of it or less impatient and applied wash more sparingly - a line wash where needed.

As it is I'll probably go back in and apply a line wash to achieve better shading.

With 5 days work under my belt, but still the shields to do I'm also predicted the second set of highlights will take the same time/effort.

But thankfully, despite all the negatives, I finally have the motivation to crack on and complete these.

Even though the 2nd highlight takes up less area it requires more finesse so whatever time savings I make in reducing coverage is made up in being more careful - actually painting.

I need to do all the reds, greens, grey/white, skin, verdigris and glow FXs on the mace's. So much to do it, feels like the opportunity to get stuff done in lockdown isn't quite getting there for me because this is so laborious and slow, but in actual fact these haven't been awaiting completion for 4+ years for no reason.

And here's the other terminators I'm doing alongside.

This was the Dark Vengeance sergeant, that I kitbashed as Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, when they were highly popular for Terminators and before we got Knights which always seemed better. Still, he looks cool.

And my odd Space Hulk Terminator. You can still see some of the Blood Angel iconography . I cut some away but left the rest as I'm confident they won't detract form the model if I don;t draw attention to them  - painting the blood drops as gems for instance

He's got a load of purity seals that's for sure

I also have an old school metal Grey Knight Terminator with lightning claws that I've done a little bit on but don't know if I'll finish that, we shall see.


  1. That bone armour is looking neat as heck now, bravo. Don't get me started on the Space Hulk figures, they are all on my To-Do list this year and I have finished one, which wasn't even on the list! So much detail...

    1. I only had this guy and the Librarian, but I did have all the Genestealers which I have to do at some point. Obviously the big deal for them is fitting them to bases. They should be on 32mm at least (some will still be too big) to look appropriate. However, we all know 25mm make them better game-wise and if I do them I might want to use them more often which I'd be reluctant to do on 25mm bases... So they remain unbiased, un-primed, un-painted and un-loved! 😢

  2. I know I said this on your last post, but reading your blow by blow about the process feels like deja vu. I don't know why I would have thought with all the Deathwing armies out there that somehow I was the only one that though the bone was a long process. It's encouraging to see that it's not because I'm an inefficient painter.

    1. I think if you follow the GW process of a bone basecoat/primer colour, recess shade and single edge highlight they could be easy. But if I do an all-over wash it makes the base coat almost redundant, the wash is undoing all that time saving. However I get that 20% of shaded bone that is exposed on some panels so it's all worthwhile... honest! 😂

      I'm a slave to the process hence why I have to try different models to explore new techniques and skills, else I won't progress as a painter. We can do these Deathwing, even if it's very, very slowly! 👍

  3. The Deathing Knights are looking great. They are actually a pretty decent choice for the Dark Angels now, so hoping them perform as well on the table as they will end up looking!

    1. I had heard they were better, but probably I'd want 10 of them but I don't fancy painting another 5 just now! Then again I'm not playing and even if I was would Dark Angels even be what I would game with? Still, they look cool.