Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing bike squad - still not finished!

"Chaplain on a bike!" these guys are still not finished! Luckily the avoidance task I undertook instead of doing pin highlights on the black was do the final highlights on the company symbols and purity seals.

I did also root out my old metal Assault Marines and run some Khorne red round the bases just to tie them in to my red planet base theme, I wonder if I should repaint the Milliput sculpted bases yellow too?

And I picked out all the rivets and red on the purity seals. I managed to finish by 11:40, which was good as I'd actually got into bed the previous night at that time and had a whole 6 hours and 40 minutes sleep. Unfortunately finishing painting and leaving the Man Cave are not  the same thing, so an hour later...

Now that I've broken the 5 hour sleep barrier and I'm looking at 4 hours something, jeez is it worth it?

Anyway, they're progressing nicely whatever the deprivation does, and to think I used to be terrible when the kids were up all night and now I'm doing it of my own volition!

I've since done some more, but the pictures wouldn't show much, grenades, Purity Seals almost complete, 2nd sarge's cloak etc. but what's left?
  1. Pin highlights [still]
  2. Eye lenses [there's only 4, so not sure why I'm putting it off]
  3. 2nd Sergeants head/eyes!
  4. Purity seals - sepia wash
  5. Litany script
  6. Names and numbers on shoulder pad
  7. Verdigris
  8. Handlebar screens
  9. Red headlamp and OSL [v.nervous about this for obvious reasons! ]
  10. Base edge
  11. Varnish
  12. Orange weathering powder on tyres

Monday, 23 May 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing bike squad

Oh look, another diversionary tactic! I know, I know... for all my protestations that the bikers are not a chore I do keep finding avoidance tasks and the Ravenwing Command squad commander just happened. I'd had an organise of the mancave and sorted out some of the boxes, seen the instruction then promptly forgot where they were, then I found them so it was on to the bikes. This is also because I can then make the Assault Squad too as I need one of the spare torsos for the them. So by making the Command squad I will know what bits I have left.

Any advice on load-out for these guys would be appreciated, I think I figured there was no reason not to take them compared to standard Knights. I currently won't be able to field more than 6 with a few kitbashes so the Standard bearer [because it looks cool] and the Apothecary because of his benefits but what do I give the Commander?

On the plus side of taking the robed guy I can then have a spare set of legs, together with another torso and I ended up buying again. This rather crappy looking bike was only 99p. Unfortunately postage was £3 but I had seen the seller was also selling 10 Termagants and hoped to get them for cheap and get combined postage. Unfortunately I got distracted, missed the end of the auction and someone else got them for £1.20!!! Still, £3.99 for a bike isn't too bad. Now Otty told me not to buy any more but this guy can be made up from spare bits from the Knight Sprue, or I can make my Techmarine on a bike...

Now because I quickly ran out of steam on the Commander I managed to get back on the job I was supposed to be doing in the first place. All the shading has been done which has made them look black again at least. Not sure if the level is up to the first bik I did but we'll see after the pin highlights, which is nect up.

I also did the Stonewall grey highlights on all the company badges and those tiny skulls too, y'know I can never get those right. Every time I highlight the nose hole always gets filled in, so it looks less like a skull and more like the Schwa alien :(

I keep lookign at the black with indecision, I certainly need to rething how fastidious I was trying to get a 'flat black' initially, certainly on these small areas. Givern I keep adding more shading and upcoming litanies will break up the shading too perhaps it wasn't necessary. Not sure about the area around the company badge on the one on the left...

But the six are all now second highlighted at least. Pin highlights will be about an hour max and then I can start picking out all the details, grenades may be half an hour and there are four eye lenses to do with OSL, although that's worked out OK previously [see below]. Rivets, the odd badge, company highlights, verdigris, plasma glow, hadlebar screens, bases...

Bottom line though is I can see me getting the bikes done for Double Trouble, I just can't see the Dark Talon completed too. With just three weeks remaining, AND I'm on holiday for a week, the only way I can do it is if I finish the Ravenwing in the next two weeks and complete the Dark Talon on holiday. However I have to submit my army list before then and I can't guarantee the flyer will be complete.

So It may be better to sacrifice the Talon, to ensure I don't rush it. It's not like it won't ever be done, it's my second priority so will potentially be the next completed project anyways. I certainly don't want to rush it and feel like I didn't do my best. I'm also unsure about the view my better half will have taking models on holiday, I've done it before but this time it may be viewed with less understanding...

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Double Trouble challenge

Luke at Darksun life challenged folk to use some of their oldest models for Double Trouble, in truth I don't have much, sure I've a lot of old models but they're not my earliest attempts at painting. But with the Dark Talon unlikely I could feasibly meet his challenge by using these guys my original metal Assault Squad.

 Hopefully folk won't mind they're short on Jump Packs, even though I'll be taking them with such.

I could also take my Rogue Trader Rhino

I could also be taking my old Devastators

Of course these guys now look like this.

Theoretically I could also put together a Battle Demi-Company but the Double Trouble rules state I can only take 1 Formation.

So I wouldn't be able to take the Ravenwing, which would make taking my legacy Chaplain Infernus  pointless!

I'd also need to fill out the list with Brother Cask, but I'd probably want him in a Drop Pod and unfortunately I've only got one part painted but unmade and one made but only undercoated, neither of which are useful.

So I have four lists models meeting Lukes criteria in green, models not painted in red:

DA list 1
  • Techmarine
  • Deathwing Command Squad x 5, with Apothecary
  • Scout Squad x 5, with camo cloaks and sniper rifles
  • Tactical Squad x 5, with Missile Launcher and Rhino
  • Assault Squad x 5, with Jump Packs and Flamer
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad x 3, with Plasma Gun
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad x 3, with Plasma Gun
This list was what I had started with then added the Asault Marines to accommodate Luke's challenge and when I realised the Dark Talon was unlikely.

DA list 2
  • Techmarine
  • Scout Squad x 5, with camo cloaks and sniper rifles
  • Tactical Squad x 5, with Flamer and Rhino
  • Tactical Squad x 5, with Missile Launcher
  • Assault Squad x 5, with Jump Packs
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad x 3, with Plasma Gun and Melta Bomb
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad x 3, with Plasma Gun
  • Devastator Squad x 5, with Missile Launchers
Then  I realised I could make a Battle demi-company and tried to do that, realising at the end this was a Formation and therefore I wouldn't be able to take the Ravenwing squads alongside the Formation as the DT rules say only one formation, so no extras. Therefore I got rid of the chaplain on bike, swapped him with the Techmarine which I can enter into the Character painting competition because best army is no chance (particularly when I know what that competition is gonna be like) and I've no best conversion or worthy vehicle either. 
DA Demi company
  • Chaplain
  • Dreadnought, with drop pod
  • Tactical Squad x 5, with Flamer and Rhino
  • Tactical Squad x 5, with Missile Launcher
  • Tactical Squad x 5, with Missile Launcher
  • Assault Squad x 5, with Jump Packs and Flamer
  • Devastator Squad x 5, with Missile Launchers
Understanding the DT limitations a bit more I tried to make a proper Battle demi-company and came up with this, with the drop pod being the real issue. I suppose I could find an alternative something with those points...
Tyranid list
  • Hive Tyrant, wings and Devourers
  • Tervigon
  • Malanthrope
  • Ripper Swarm x 3
  • Termagant x 10
  • Carnifex with Devourers
 Lastly, old faithful. What I'd take if nids were the only option.
What do you guys think of my choices? I think list 2 is the best option personally.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


You probably already know this - I'm a big fan of markers to help keep track of what's going on, in fact I need to start making some for my Dark Angels and various Psychic powers for my Librarian. I believe so strongly enough in the benefit to the game I give my markers away FREE and together with my Patented method of constructing the markers:
  1. Print
  2. Apply double sided tape to back
  3. Stick to mounting card [I use black card which is black all the way through, alternatively a black Sharpie or other marker will make the edges really cool looking]
  4. Carefully apply sellotape to top if you want them pseudo-laminated
  5. Cut out with craft knife/scalpel
  6. Amaze your friends and enemies with these awesome markers
  7. Tell them to visit www.40kaddict.uk for their own free markers.
everyone can look cool, unlike those 'wound dice' users who are definitely uncool [Ben]! That said I know some folk like a more premium product, want something more durable and are happy to pay for it and I stumbled across these two in my regular 40k surfing. This has been a 'draft' post for a long time so I thought I'd just share them in case folk didn't want my own Freebies or even the awesome free ones at From the Warp, Realm of War or even Graven Games

www.bcmarkers.com produce these nifty markers, obviously made from unfurled bottle caps 'bc' get it? They're printed and attached to the cap with a domed clear plastic cover to protect them and add the 'premium' finish you may be after. I have to say the graphics look particularly detailed, there definitely looks like a lot of effort and skill has gone into these.

Alternatively http://battlemarkers.com use a different process - badges [or buttons I think they called in the US] these are made without the pin in the back. They look really durable and a very high finish, the graphics are also top notch and they're quite well priced too.

Both options look pretty good to me, if you're in the market for these sorts of things, their only problem is they're both roughly 1" in diameter. Wound counters are going to be a bit bulky at this size on the battlefield, psychic powers about right. It does mean your less likely to lose them as they're much bigger than my tiny ones but if you have that concern you shouldn't be paying for something that could be considered disposable anyway.

Right, that's got me down to 20 draft posts remaining...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Imperial Knight - in manufactorum pt 13

With Double Trouble fast approaching I've started to get a little anxious about completing my Ravenwing. I think the bikes are achievable but the Dark Talon is looking less likely, but I'll give it a go. With that in mind when I went into the ManCave intent on 2nd highlights on the Marines I immediately found a diversion task and started highlighting the black on my Imperial Knight! But I go with the flow, so however much I'm telling myself this is not a priority I do it anyway as that's where my muse is. So I was working on the shin pads, I've done the 1st and 2nd highlights and with the shin on the right you should just be able to see how far down the highlight goes. Whereas the shin on the left has since been shadow blended, with a mix of thinned black and dry brushing, admittedly the picture isn't perfect but you should be able to see the difference.

As I was about to get back onto the bikes I thought it was a unfair not to do the Pauldrons as well. This time the shadow blended one is on the right and the highlighted one on the left.

Sure, its very subtle but it's definitely better with the shadow blend.

Luckily after this I was able to bring myself to highlight some Ravenwing, I was able to complete three sets of 2nd Dark Reaper highlights and work on the cloak of the second Sarge so I wasn't completely naughty. Now I just have two marines to highlight and I can move on to a new stage, hopefully without any detours, at least not just yet.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Dark Angels - Ravenwing bike squad

Having stalled so close to the finish line on the Sergeant I thought bringing the rest of the bikes up to speed was important. Despite the enjoyment I had with the Sarge there was definitely some hesitancy in moving these forward. I found Sarge really easy to do and I was constantly saying to myself how can I have been put off painting these bikes and yet here I am a few days later with exactly the same mind-set. Whether this is to do with the fact there are five of these I'm not sure but to try to push on through the inertia I decided to break the process down. All I would do here is the first set of highlights on the bikes in the first sitting and then then next session was the marine.

As you can see these broad strokes on the large areas are pretty easy to do. Although they take up more than half the surface area of the model with so few highlights they're quick to do. The Marine is probably about 30% of the model, but the extra detail and smaller parts means they represent about 70% of the effort. The problem with making this realisation is that once I achieve the bike highlights I still know I've 70% remaining to do, which again is not good for my mental approach. I mean I'm sure I've explained this before but half the battle in painting is mental. When one is sat alone in a shed late at night surrounded by unpainted figures and projects 'in progress' the mind wanders and you have to try to contain these doubts and fears, even if they're about trivial toy soldiers. The challenge for the hobbyist is overcoming these hurdles and the rewards are that rush of achievement when you do beat them

That said I will push on with the Dark Reaper 2nd set of highlighting next. Then pick out any details, like the Ravenwing symbol with their first base colour. With these details blocked in I will undertake the task I enjoyed most on the Sarge - shadow blending. Trying to use black to shade the highlights so they blend into the black better. The detalis already in place the shadow blending will help tidy up any edges. Then it'll be on to the pin highlights and all the rest of the details, can I get it done for Double Trouble? Probably yes for the bikes but the Jetfighter...?

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Double Trouble

I've mentioned it a few times but Alex from From the Fang has a new [replacement] tournament for Blog Wars on June 11th. Its called Double Trouble and tickets are still available, although currently there are only four left. It's a doubles tournament and I'll leave Alex to describe why it's a 'doubles tournament with a difference':
What is Double Trouble?
Double Trouble is a Warhammer 40,000 doubles tournament with a difference. Instead of writing an army list together with a partner, each player will write their own 750pt army list from a single faction of their choice which becomes their "Force". Before the first round you will be randomly assigned a doubles partner combining your "Force" with theirs to form an "Army". You'll then play against another random pairing and their "Army". The allies chart will not be used, therefore all combinations will be treated as Battle Brothers.

At the start of the next two rounds you will be assigned a new random partner. This means you'll get to play three games with 9 different people and hopefully a good variety of armies.
OK, so that may or may not float your boat, I can understand that a doubles tournament with your mate is one thing but here you're going to be paired up with strangers and not just one but three of them and face other strangers too, six of them, urgh! No, not urgh, but yay! I have to say I love this concept, for someone who often finds the social interaction at tournaments a little frought I'm looking forward to this opportunity immensely.

Let me explain, I'm not shy by any means and much like my endless prose I can talk the hind leg off a donkey. However, in a tournament situation, even the relaxed ones, that kind of goes out the window. I get pre-occupied in running my army, making sure I don't forget what I'm doing, what needs to happen, recording the battle for reports, transporting the horde from one table to another etc. All the time I'm running on nervous energy, being clumsy and trying to have a good time too, which involves a lot of stupid jokes and silly narratives forged at my expense. On top of that I'll have people pass by and casually praise my army which then feels a little awkward because I don't feel I can respond much, as it's rude to my opponent.

Then inbetween games I don't really get to spend time with other hobbyists because usually I'm last to finish and any spare time I do have I'm ringing the wife or actually looking at the armies on display or trying to buy something from an on-site store [there usually is one].

So the reason I'm doing this is because I've kind of done it before, back in July 2013 I did some 'blind gaming', not gaming without sight, gaming with someone I'd never met before. I'd spotted a thread on Warpshadow asking for a Battle Brother. Someone had a pair of tickets to Warhammer Worlds pairs tournament and his wife was unavailable and regular gaming buddies could potentially be working. So I made a leap of faith, travelled all the way to Nottingham to meet a guy I didn't know and spend the day gaming with him. We had an amazing time, we came second overall, got nominated for best army and we've since kept in touch on Facebook. Best of all Dan is actually going to Double Trouble so it's going to be great to meet up with him and see his new Adeptus Mechanicus Army. I expect our reunion to be somewhat like this ;)

Now, there is definitely a chance that you could be paired with someone you may not get on with but Alex's format does mean that might only be for th one game, of course it also means you would have to give up a great partner too, if you get on really well. Either way I think this is a really cool way to meet more people and mingle a bit more than usual and given the very limited points and army options [no LoW or fortifications] you have at your disposal it seems much harder to take obscene lists.

So I'm really looking forward to this, none of my gaming crew can make it but given the nature of the event, and seeing Dan again, well I'm hoping to come away with some great games and interaction [lets face it my Dark Angels aren't going to rule the battlefield so I'll take my enjoyment where I can get it!]