Monday, 19 March 2018

Citadel Samurai c1984 TO DONE!

I must confess [I must because it's the name of the blog!] I chickened out over this guy. Flushed with the success and sense of achievement completeing my old skool Predator I was convinced painting this original Citadel Samurai from around 1984 would fill me with a huge sense of nostalgia and pride.

But as the 'Eavier Metal painting challenge deadline came to a head I 'rushed' his completion. That is I didn't do my absolute best and he probably deserved better. Don't get me wrong I think I aced the eyes [for me] but the base, in particular the highlights around the text, the blending on the pants and some other compromises failed to deliver the same feeling of success.

However, he's far better than the original Humbrol attempt I did nearly 30 years ago.

I think the highlights on the skin came out OK too, I tried to paint the lips differently but they came out really odd looking. It actually still needs varnishing and I'll be glossing the scabbard and base.

I even tried to differentiate the hamon of the blade a little, creating the pattern made by the clay that's applied during the forging process. It's not great but I tried.

So another little success and another Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Let your creativity be recorded

The BBC has teamed up with University College London to run the Great British Creativity Test. I'd seen the link a few times and then suddenly realised 'hey I'm creative, I paint toy soldiers every night'. It's rather sad how I didn't really relate my day job as a graphic designer in any of the questions regarding creativity but mainly answering in my hobby capacity, plus my two visits to the Southport Floral Hall Rock Nights [dancing, of a sort] and my daily blogging [creative writing] I ended up in the top 5%.
As we're all creative in the hobby I think it's worth having a go in the interest of science [its not one of those silly facebook polls] here's the direct link

Friday, 16 March 2018

Dark Angels - Tanks - Predator - Moar pics

I occassionally question the validity of taking these 'moar' shots but the Veliva filter often helps create the pictures I use most often to share what I've done on forums and social media.

I love the richness and high contrast, I can never quite tell which is the most accurate representation of the model, but these pics definitely made my Predator look cool.

Which might suggest these aren't the most representative of colours...

Regardless I love the results.

And I love the tank too. I perhaps would have liked some form of spiked ram at the front. Not sure where the original ended up. It's fine without and I think the weathering on that leading edge is 'neat' but I just envisage these with something to run folk over with ;)

Company badge again was well executed. I could have gone with the stick on disc but I actually like how I've managed to make soemthing that could almost be a decal. If anyone ever asks then I'll know the effort was justified.

Again the laser lenses just came out so well. They totally look like those glass electricity insulators and add that touch of colour.

The rear drop pod Chapter symbol - it does the job. The big number 5 though, yummy

Rear lights, perhaps could have done the two outer ones as indicators, which would have amused me.

Anda a minimal amount of devotional script and litany, just to break up the expanse.

And the slightly more understated verdigris, in the darker turquoise just seems right.

The Heavy Support symbol is OK, probably the least convincing addition for me but I don't dislike it.

I'm pleased I didn't go too OTT with the scratches and weathering, certainly not like Euronymous.

It'll be cool to have this on the battlefield but I suspect it won't last long against Ben's own armoured division, sadly.

But love the fact it just looks like a WWII tank, which suggests I should probably be playing Bolt Action with them!

And the Camera360 pics on a white background, giving a different green altogether, make of these what you will...

Next up will be my 1984 Citadel Samurai, completed for the 'Eavier Metal Facebook group competition. It's far from winning standard but I just wanted to join in. Then its my old skool/nu skool Razorback and then time to take stock...

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Dark Angels - Tanks - Predator - TO DONE!

It's extremely difficult to express the feeling I got from completing this original Predator. Interestingly it's only really at the end that I felt so moved by the fact this 25+ year old model has finally been painted.

I can't recall whether it was late 80's or early 90's I picked this up but aroudn that time my Mum and Dad had a caravan and we would regularly have trips away. I recall this being purchased on one of those trips.

I have a vivid memory of opening it up in the back of the car as we drove around somewhere, possibly in Wales. I think we'd been to some shopping centre and I'd hunted down the nearest GW or hobby shop so I could make a purchase.

Now it's complete, so many years later and although the textured paint effect looks both wholly appropriate and also like I don't thin my paints and just slapped it on thick on top of an existing paint job I've somehow come to terms with it because it's complete.

And aside from that issue I think the result is pretty good. Perhaps a bigger Chapter symbol would have been nice, the very small ones seem a little understated but also makes my armoured 'wing' stand out a little more.

I also toned down the patina and the las-cannon lense coils just came out so well with the Tamiya Clear Red X-27.

I'm just so pleased with it that although I like the current pattern of Rhino/Razorback/Predator I can't imagine anything but original Deimos on my Dark Angels army.

Thanfully I've another Razorback to finish and the 'Crayola' Whirlwind.

I doubt I'll repaint my 'Number 13' Rhino as I just don't see the point at this stage. Fitting these tanks into my army is a challenge already so one complete 2018 Rhino/Razorback should be enough for my current needs.

Anyway, here are all the white background shots just to look at, no more chat.

And the Great Big Gamboge Stamp of Approval for a job well done.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Goggle Adsense @ 60 - FREE Money!

February marked my third magic £60 mark in my Google Adsense revenue. The first time took four years, the next time it was 9 months [the increase I won't go into for legal reasons ;) ]. This time just under two years which is really appreciated. Coincidentally I also received a Wayland Games Affiliate payment of around 65p through Paypal the other week too. Amazing considering I stopped adding their links on the site years ago!

As I discussed in this post about monetising your blog this is really the only thing I’ll entertain as it doesn’t cost readers of the blog anything. As AdSense is based on each users internet history and preferences, the adverts should be geared to your interests and that way people will click of their own volition because in no way would I solicit clicks. I'm even less inclined to worry about ads as I see many YouTubers using patreon now, which again is fine but not something I want to do at this stage. The blog has always been about helping people out, the last thing I want is followers of the blog  dipping into their own pockets, Adsense achieves that without inconvenience. I know some disagree with them but I don't really notice them on my own blog. Those other blogs I know use them only stand out to me because I know they're there and I want to see if there's anything I'll happily click on to support that blog.

Once again the breakdown of those that have clicked and viewed is quite interesting, I’ve had 3 page views from someone in Grenadines & St. Vincent which resulted in a click. UK still tops the charts [211] with my American friends next, followed by Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain and Brazil. Interestingly even with blog viewing figures of 2015 levels I still made £14 off ad views alone. It might be just 1, 2 or 3p a day but it clearly adds up.

I'm not entirely sure what I will spend my fortune on, quite fancy some of those new mini Knight Armigers that are due to come out. Indeed natfka recently posted rumours of more to come my Knight army is only two models at the moment and I would look to fill out more of house Corvus.

Meanwhile I do actually have some Amazon Vouchers to spend. I'd been saving them since Christmas and together with some on my birthday I can actually get these. That means I can then attempt my kitbash of all the Deathwatch Overkill models using these components while also kitbashing the Flagellants. I'd still need to purchase resin bases and some more bits though and I'm pretty tied up with projects on my 'to-do list' so I'm questioning the purchase at this point.

 It would leave me with some vouchers or I could just blow the lot on another of these:

But that would be another 3 month project that would be delayed by what I already have on my plate. decisons, decisions. Back to AdSense, thanks again for your support we'll see how long it takes next time.