Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Birthday Bash 2.0 - Update

For all those interested in the Birthday Bash I had chance to nip to Wargames at the weekend, they were hosting Aceface's ITC Last Chance Open and I was hoping to pick up Blood Bowl Death Zone Season 1 [more on that later]. Martin was pleased to let me know that so far there are 18 tickets bought and he'd be letting the 54 guys in attendance know about the event, if they wanted to take part in something a little less competitive. So rest assured it's going to happen, we only needed 10 people to make the prize support viable and we've eclipsed that already. Our number one priority is for everyone to have three fun games, I suppose we could organise a clown and ballons to ensure everyone must have fun! ;)

But while I was there I thought I'd take a few pictures of the tables just so folk can get an impression of what will be on offer. As you can see there's a wealth of terrain and all tables come with a gaming mat to ensure the most immersive gaming experience, and you don't have to take my word for it, that's the one and only Nick 'IDICBeer' in the purple T-shirt, a stamp of approval in itself.

 This is just one of the floors, there's another one upstairs, a maximum of 54 gamers but we'll be happy with whatever we get. Hopefully you're all getting as excited as we are.

We've had a number of queries regarding lists, Ian Plumpton pointed out his Skitarii can't make a normal CAD, to which I replied that if that's the only way to take them then that was fine.

Jonathan Lyness also asked about using the Maynarkh Dynasty Faction rules from Imperial Armour 12. They're a little outdated but he's managed to align them with the current Codex in a series of posts on his own blog http://dragonseyeminiatures.blogspot.co.uk/ I've had a look at it and I can't see why it isn't acceptable as he's taking it primarily for fluffy reasons. Feel free to check them out and see if you agree.

Bottom line, granted we've made some, almost archaic, limitations on list choice this is purely to reduce the options for win at all costs lists. If you're worried about your list please get in touch but so long as it's in the spirit of the event it'll probably be fine. We accept that if someone wants to come expressly to win the tournament that's their choice. We want prizes, we want a winner but we want everyone to celebrate gaming and enjoy the spirit of the hobby - the dice rolls that go badly, the failed charges, the fact Deathleaper always gets killed, that's why the tournament loser gets the same as the winner. Some of the best time I've had have been on those bottom tables, with no prizes to play for and everyone in the same boat ripping each other's army choices and decisions apart with the banter.

With that said, we'll be list checking at some point, not sure how we'll organise it but we'll get there, I shouldn't think there'll be any problems. In the mean time, as it's a reduced set I'll be making a set of Maelstorm Objective Cards for each entrant so it's easier to play. So, if you are interested, like what we're trying to do and still haven't bought a ticket then you can get them here:


Monday, 16 January 2017

'nids part 206 - Genestealer cult - Abberants et al

I have so many projects that have reinvigorated my mojo I just do not have the time, or the speed to tackle them all. Somehow my Genestealer Aberrants have queue jumped, maybe because there are only four of them. Despite their sudden prominence I was not at all happy with what I'd done with the skin so far.

I'd already set a precedent with my original kitbashed cultists about the diversity of skin tones and I knew it would cause problems combining it with the Hive Fleet Gorgon colours. However I must remember to only pass judgement once it's complete.

But at least I have some reference for the 'Rogue Trooper' blue and dark skinned abberants. Hopefully it'll resolve itself in time.

It's quite daunting to have this variety. So many Genestealer Cult armies retain a level of uniformity which looks great. I'm once again going against this urge to create a rag-tag, messy disparate gang that uses reds and oranges as pseudo camouflage, with the occasional Gorgon Chitin blue/turquoise as a colour of prominence within the cult.

Survival suits are grey/white though.

And while I was doing the Aberrants it made sense to try and do the Primus and his familiars.

You can see how his colour scheme ties in with the Crashed Aquila Lander uniform, further indicating the pilots mixed allegiance.

And why not throw in the Patriarch? I literally just found myself doing the Bonewhite on this, I didn;t know how it happened. I wasn;t even using the Vallejo paint I usually use and next thing I know he was half done but with far more of the darker washed areas visible.

I also picked out the skulls on the base and sume of the debris.

I;ve no idea why I'm painting him but he is on my list [sort of] so I'm going with the flow.

Of course I did realise shortly after it would have made sense to begin the Magus as well so they progressed as a group so he's been duly fished out and had his coat painted orange - update to follow.

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Great Build part 4 - TO DONE! Blood Bowl Orks and Humans

As you can see I've gone a little further than just base the human team, I've started to do the grey base coat for the quartered red and white of my original Middenheim Marauders colour scheme. But yeah, bases are done.

Additionally, I 'd seen someone else do some head swaps on Facebook and I was immediately reminded I;d planned to do the same. With a fair few Space Wolf heads knocking around that PeteB had given me I finally found a use for them. I was particularly tickled in making one of my Throwers 'visually impaired', you know me I'am ll about the diversity.

I also managed to get a pretty cool lineman and Thrower head swap. There's only the three changes I made as some of the other heads were a little too 'mangy dog' looking but I thought these worked really well and will break up the uniformity of the team just a little bit.

I also had a spare Stormcast Eternal head but it didn't quite fit. I've quartered four players so far and picked out the big shoulder pad on the remaining. Four seems to be the maximum I cand do in a sitting so I'll just try that and chip away at an arm or a leg here and there so I can finish them up quicker.

The Orks got based too, I'm less interested in these because although I was going to go with a black colour scheme it's still percolating in my head how to do it.

I probably could have done some head swaps on these too, with my Assault on Black Reach boyz but it feels like a lot of faffing at this poing

Anyways I get to award myself a couple of Big* Purple and White Stamps of Approval for their completion.

* Big, but shown little ;)

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Kill Team Battle Report - Dark Angels v Necrons v Ravenguard

PeteB, Ben and myself were lookign to have a boardgame night butBen suggested a trip to Wargames, have a Kill Team battle and check out what's in store and how the Birthday Bash tickets were doing [8 confirmed so far!]. We set up the three way Kill Team on this urban motorway overpass table that Martin subsequently used in his first battle report.

Ben had a mix of Flayed Ones, Necron Immortals and Scarabs
PeteB went with the Ravenguard formation that comes with the Kill Team box [they were unpainted and unfinished but to hand so he'd picked them for convenience]
For simplicity I just proxied my Ravenwing bikes as Black Knights, five of them, done!

Ben managed to Infiltrate his Flayed Ones so that he was deployed in both corners to my right, while PeteB was deployed in front of me on the left.

My inital Scout move put me inside my 'biker club house' a place where all my kills would subsequently congregate.

Ben got off to a good start, killing one of Pete's Marines, which is more than can be said for the Ravenguard, whose shooting included five 1's, one after another! I did point out Pete had brought figures with no arms so it was 'cinematic and fluffy' at least.

I split my Knights in two groups, two went for the middle and the other three headed for the Ravenguard. i did kill something first turn, but I can't remember what it was.

Ranguard continued to hold the high ground on the overpass.

This gave them a perfect vantage point on the Knights [or at least someone got a good shot] and I foolishly decided not to Jink and lost one of the bikes [I think it was also the one that ignores cover on shooting]!

The second bike was overrun by Flayed Ones and Scarabs, suddenly I was down 40% of my Kill Team.

My remaining bikes whittled down the Marine numbers in the corner.

With the last Ravenguard ending up locked in Assault with my Black Knight.

The unengaged bikes headed for the on-ramp, turbo boosting to the top.

The Assault ended with the last of my bikers gaining the ramp, I think he also shot the Scarabs to pieces. He'd later jump off that wrecked section to the left [much like in Tron Legacy] and head to the objective in the crater.

Meanwhile the other Knights managed to shoot and assault almost all the opposition on top of the overpass, with just a Scarab and Marine left, which were overcome. The

The only objective left was the one enarest my biker club house and a furiously ineffective round of shooting meant that the last Ravenguard missed again on a 1 and the Immortal failed to wound or was saved. 

End result was me holding two objectives and a full house of dead 'party goers' in my bike club house with Pete and Ben contesting the last objective. I'd heard Ravenwing Knights were effective but their twin-linked Plasma Talons, BS2 overwatch, skilled rider and Jink re-roll is a great combination. If I hadn't been stupid with my first saving throw it would have been an even more one-sided affair. That said the Flayed Ones were pretty brutal too and as usual the extra shots from 6s on the Tesla are even more telling in a Kill Team situation. As for Pete's dice, they were appalling and probably should be consigned to the bin! We had a laugh though.

I'd like to swap in a Land Speeder into this force, five Knights seem a little OP but I think the Land Speeder will make play different and more of a gamble. However, I wouldn't be able to take a Typhoon without failing to meet the 4 non vehicle model KT requirement as I'd have to drop two Knights. Unfortunately the other option is replace the Ravenwing Command Squad for standard bikes which are cheaper, but then that takes up my Fast Attack slot. Maybe the guys will let me try 3 Knights and the Land Speeder anyways...

Monday, 9 January 2017

Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s]

As the motivation begins to kick back in I decided to crack on with the drop pods. I'd tried the Green Glaze on one of the fins to compare it with my Vallejo Angel Green, the fact was there was very little difference. It went on OK but the Angel Green was blending the Caliban and Waaargh Flesh a little better, it is a pant afterall and not a glaze.

So I upped and decided to go Angel Green all over and it was much better than the first application. So now I need to do some edge highlights and then it'll be [a whole lot of] detail work and any battle damage I decide to do.

Meanwhile Pod 2 is ready for it's Waaargh Flesh highlights, even if I do like it pretty much as is :( Still, trust in the plan.

Once pod 1 has been highlighted I'll spend my efforts bringing this pod up-to-date so they can progress together again.

I think I'm back on track again with these, I just have to ensure I don't flit to something else so that the 'fires of motivation' don't go out or 'strike while the iron is hot'. But I'm getting there and it is progress so that's a win.

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Great Build part 3 - TO DONE! Blood Bowl Orks and Humans

With my Christmas copy of Blood Bowl I thought I'd crack on and base the Humans and Orks. Now this is definitely a distraction task, not a diversionary task. You see a diversionary task is still something that gets you were you want to be, it may be round the houses but you end up in the right place and things that are not priority but on my To Do List are diversionary. Of course the Blood Bowl guys never even figured so it's just a distraction from those tasks that are on it. That said it's building mojo so can't be all bad.

The Orks too got a sand bath and all the bases got done, It was quite a session to do all 24 bases in one night over the festive period.

But they're all pretty cool and getting them done is another achievement in the Great Build at the very least. I'll get them primed and based asap just so I don't feel compelled as much to do any more [though I probably will!]. 

So here's my Big Purple Great Build Stamp of Approval for the Human Team...

and another one for the Orks.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Google+ commenting

In a recent discussion with my mate Ben about the blog he reminded me of the importance of responding to comments. I'd always prided myself in how I endeavoured to respond to anyone who took the time and effort to comment on the blog, I may not have always managed it but the intent was there. However, once again thanks to IT policy it's become difficult to comment as I can no longer access the front end of my blog. In the dashboard I can see when comments have been made but responding requires me to use alternative devices.

But there is a solution, Google+ commenting. I've used it before and wasn't overly keen. I was getting a lot of notifications on my phone which was distracting, but now I probably check independently anyway so I'm distracting myself regardless.  I also didn't like how it automatically converted the introduction into a comment, it just seemed unnecessary. I know some of the other bloggers use G+ commenting, maybe they can speak up for it's benefits, but what I really wanted was peoples thoughts on my switiching.

I can stick to responding as an when I can using the current system or switch to G+ [still as and when I can but with added notification of a response], let me know your thoughts.