Monday, 18 June 2018

Double Trouble 3 wrap up & painting competition

Last of the DT3 pics and obviously it's the painting competition, best army was just two entrants [including myself] but this Necron army was pretty cool.

The airbrushing was neat and as I don't vote for myself it got my vote ;)

I had my little display, on the board I did specially but added some future container cubes.

It ended up a bit more packed than I expected, it'll probably be a little less crowded next time ;)

And I was lucky enough to come away with this :)

And with the Element Games voucher I bought this! I know, crazy but all will be revealed.

Best Character category and a Custode.

The eventual winner this Succubus, which was pristine. I so wanted to turn it so I could get a proper picture but I just daren't touch it.

Gabriel Angelos.

Tom Capper's Blood Angel Chaplain that smashed though Rob's Basilisks later in the day.

Nurgle Champion

Belisarious Cawl.

Typhus and Custodes.


Best converted category, sadly only one entry. I think last time it was Top Gun, this time Mad Max and both complete with MP3 player blasting out tunes.

You would keep catching scraps of a song throughout the day, it was surreal.

And that's a big Trukk [or Battle Wagon].

Monsters and Vehicles category, the Khorne Demon was particularly good.

I think this Renegade Basilisk was the winner but then the owner revealed he didn't paint it, I guess to confer the kudos of the win to the actual painter, which is fair enough.

Mortis Dreadnought and Blighthauler.

Some random shots I took of this lovely Khorne demon army, I think the Bloodthirster belonged with these.

Juggernaut and Fleshounds.

I saw this Hell Talon in the NWGC cabinets, I'd seen Hell Blades before but never the Talon and it is huge, no wonder it's nearly twice the price. Look at the size of it compared to the Warhound, obviously some perspective applies but you still get a lot of model.

There was also a fab Nurgle army, which was really bright but still Nurgley.


The Turquoise was an interesting choice as an accent colour but I think it works.


Mortatrion again and the, can't remember its name ;).

More Nurgle Marines, on movement trays... 

There was also a Knight army with Armigers

Which were really cool.

And some seriously damaged Knights, man I wish I could do this, these are amazing.

Anyway, another great event and I look forward to September 1st for the next/last one. Alex has been running these for a few years now, Blog Wars 6 was my first and I've enjoyed every one. 

Even when I held the Birthday Bash it was run on the same principles as Alex's events - if it's not broke don;t fix it! I hope there is still a chance to do something in this vein when Alex hangs up his dice, we'll just have to see. 

Regardless this was the best yet, fun, relaxed and a great opportunity to meet up with old friends (like Dan) and make some new ones. If you're free September 1st then make an effort to pop along to Alex's next gig, you will not regret it.

Friday, 15 June 2018

1750pts battle report - Genestealer Cult & Astra Militarum v Astra Militarum & Blood Angels - game 3

Double Trouble 3 and Alex From the Fang's doubles tournament replacing Blog Wars. 875pts with random pairings but all match-ups are Battle Brothers. Once again my recollection is pretty hazy so for the most part enjoy the pictures, the commentary will be secondary ;)

I'm running my Genestealer Cult for the first time ever. I've got a Patriarch and 12 Genestealers, a Primus, 4 Abberants [2 picks & 2 hammers], 10 Acolytes, 11 Neophytes [with Grenade Launcher], 10 Neophytes [with Grenade Launcher] and my 2 Scout Sentinels [with Heavy Flamers and Chainswords].

I'm paired with Rob Nathan again, who I played with at DT2 - this time Astra Militarum - Basilisks, Wyvern, Manticore, Leman Russ and Sergeant Harker opposite side was Tom Capper [who I played at NMTBW] with his Blood Angels and Christopher Nettleship running Astra Militarum [endless conscripts, Rough Riders and Mortar weapons teams].

As it was table quarters Rob castled up in the back field behind cover with Sergeant Harker inbetween all the tanks [I think he buffs those around him]. Meanwhile my units deployed were in at the forefront to snatch the objective in the middle [hidden by the containers], in cover in the wood and the Sentinels ready to scout and capture the objective in the ruin at the top.

While the many conscripts filled the other quarter, I'd actually though there wasn't much room for the Blood Angels but those two Rhinos suddenly became the tough spearhead to break through as the conscripts followed. Unfortunately the conscripts also became 'tough' thanks to a psychic power adding one to their save and eventually a 'go to ground' stratagem that also made them nigh unkillable. Our first turn shooting didn't go as well as we'd hoped [unfortunately I wasn't the one recording VPs so I only have the final scores later on].

With so much on the board there wasn't much room to bring my ambushes on. The Stealers rolled badly, even with the stratagem, but it was table edges so I still got 9" away from the Blood Angels, unfortunately Rob killed some of them so I was no longer withing a realistic charge range. The acolytes fared better and got score the objective.

My Neophytes in middle were almost wiped out thanks to the Mortar teams [probably need some of them for my Cult, they seem effective and cheap] while the ones in the trees tried to hold back the tide of conscripts and face down the Rhino. My Aberrants were well out of range to be effective this turn.

But I still had the objective in the ruins, even if the Sentinels were effectively just babysitting.

Rob managed to destroy a Rhino, leaving the Space Marines to disembark.

I think I multi-charged the Guards and the three remaining Blood Angels, made the Guard range, but not the Marines, but I think pile-in got them and we were left with just a few Guards, while I kept the objective yet again.

I really liked the marking on Chris's Guard, the three stripes were all shaded, it wasn't just a simple three lines. Some of the other conscripts had solid shoulder pads for squad markings, once they got promoted no doubt they would get to use the army stripes but it was a simple way to add a lot more detail to the may models in this army, remember there was only 875pts and over 100 models!

We just couldn't whittle down the Conscript numbers, I think all 3 squads still remained, only one of which had suffered significant casualties.

And suddenly the Rough Riders appeared, not sure what they did but it was nice to see them in the army, if not nice to see them on the battlefield... ahem!

The Blood Angel Chaplain managed to appear out of nowhere, thanks to his jump-pack I think he had a 3D6 charge and also hit with mortal wounds when he multi-charged the Manticore and a Basilisk. I think he later smashed one of them apart. Conscripts also charged through the ruins - tying up the tanks so they could no longer shoot and even worse snatching the objective out from under them because the were ObSec.

Tactical Squad assaulted my Acolytes who were freed up when the remaining Guard fell back. I might have interrupted the assault order to kills some of the Marines before they attacked. Rob had a Relic to gain CPs back every time our opponents and we spent CPs, so we ended up with double figure CPs for most of the game, it was silly in a way as I think Tom and Chris also had a CP farming system too.

Genestealers finally got in the mix, wiping out the Marines and Guard.

Abberants got into the remaining Rhino, not sure if it was destroyed or if we claimed that objective versus the tank. And that's about as much as I remember, which I appreciate isn't much ;)

Here's the final score, we scored 7 VPs to Tom and Chris's 14 VPs. Probably the toughest game in a way as the conscripts had to be dealt with due to their overwhelming number but they were so much chaff, worth buttons and so hard to kill that even the extensive artillery, the many re-rolls to wound and hit we had just could dent their numbers sufficiently to gain board control.

And that's it, not sure what the Blood Points was but it was all moot anyway. Another fun game, completely relaxed, everyone just out for a good time.

Tom, Rob, 40kaddict, Chris
And there we go, the last game of Double Trouble 3 and once again the actual placings and win/loss rate of no importance to me whatsoever. As you know Alex has said his next event, on September 1st will be his last, as he has family commitments but will welcome suggestions for format and hopefully another doubles tournament as I love the format and it's almost like a friendly reunion than a competition. I've the painting competition to write up next but for the tournaments, that's your lot folks - stay frosty!