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Saturday 24 June 2023

#BattleReport - 1,000pts Imperial Knights v Tyranids

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been playing TENTH! #New40k Despite having a backlog of #MESBG and #Turnip28 [not] battle reports to record I thought I'd do this while it was fresh in my mind. Leviathan is due today, with my rulebook, but Otty, Ben, Liam and I decided to give TENTH a crack. Naturally, nobody had printed the Core Rules, or Quickstart Guide and only one of us had their Index rules and datacards printed out. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusion as to who had prepared in some way...

Anyway, Ben had prepared a list of Otty to use his nids - Old One Eye, a Carnifex, 10 Hormagaunts, 10 Termagants, 2 broods of Warriors [1 ranged, 1 melee], Hive Guard, Zoanthropes, Trygon, 5 Genestealers. I had a knight Preceptor with Unyielding Paragon [reduces AP by 1] and Stormspear Rocket Pod, 2 Helverins and 2 Warglaives. If I'm honest I thought Otty was at a distinct disadvantage - lots of little bugs with weak weapons and talons - how could they possibly effect the towering Imperial Knights... Otty got first go, and straight out of the gate the Genestealers scouted forward 8".

Which meant they had an easy first turn charge into one of my Warglaives. Otty had chosen Hyper-Aggression as his Hyper-Adaptation which meant every creature had [LETHAL-HITS] on vehicles/monsters. That means even the littlest bug, a roll of a 6 and it auto-wounds! Oh dear...

I was very lucky though and did some amazing saves with limited wounds across my knights. My Warlgaive managed to kill  just two of the Genestealers, which was underwhelming.

Otty had pushed forward and the Ranged Warrior's were slightly exposed and the Hive Guard with Shock Cannons, although taking some cover were now within range of more guns.

Shots from the top Warglaive, Helverin and Preceptor managed to wipe out the Ranged Warriors and one Hive Guard went down. I think the other Warglaive managed to squish the Genestealers.

I'd made a better impact, but now I had Hormagaunts swamping the other Helverin and OOE+Carnifex needed a 11" charge to get the freed-up Warglaive - Otty rolled a 6 and 1, CP re-rolled the 1 and got a 6 and managed to wipe out the Warglaive. I got to attack back before dying with a stratagem and dished out soem wounds but not enough to make a difference. Meanwhile, my Helverin stomped on a few Hormagaunts. On the far side [out of shot] the other Warglaive took a wound from 5 shots in range of the Devgaunts. Then the Zoanthropes blasted it to pieces dealing the exact amount of damage it had left. That lucky Termagant had saved the day for Otty!

Naturally we were getting all sorts of rules wrong, we weren't both receiving CPs in the command phase, just the person who's turn it was. So I was running out of CPs every turn and we hadn't worked out that vehicles could shoot in and out of combat [for -1 to hit]. As it was I tried the best with my shooting and ended up needing a reroll on the Preceptor to do decent damage on the Carnifex. Then I charged and immediately remembered the plan was to Tank Shock them and roll 14 dice with the potential for six 6's. But I'd spent my CP

As it was the Reaper took out the Carnifex and did a few wounds on OOE, but he regenerated most of them. And then the Trygon burrowed up and charged the Knight from behind.

The Melee Warriors managed to link up with the Hormagaunts and inflict even more damage on the Helverin but I was very lucky with saves and Feel No Pain. Lastly I was swinging at Old One Eye and managed to get 3 hits on him, 3+ to wound...

Unbelievable! There wasn't much I could do after this. 

The Preceptor got smashed by the monsters. I think both Warriors got killed, by the remaining Helverin Autocannons but the Prime survived and the Armiger in combat could only stomp on 2 of the remaining Hormagaunts. We called it as I had little chance at this stage and it was late. 

So, what do I think? I liked the game, just enough rules and complexity, but I hated not having the physical book, or even the Quick Start. It was a nightmare trying to use the app for both Otty's army and the Core Rule .pdf, while also taking pictures. 1000pts feels like as good size while we find our feet. Hopefully, when we're all on board with the rules and familiar with them it'll feel easier but even with this streamlining there were still times where explaining the rules felt just really hard - in direct contrast to Turnip28 and Bolt Action. But we'll keep at it. We all had fun and both factions, that on paper looked great [my Knights and Ben's Astra Militarum] were beaten by the weaker Tyranids and the much smaller but elite heavy World Eaters. Surprising lessons learned for next time. Now to await Leviathan and build some bugs...

Yes, I was the one prepared[ish]

Friday 10 March 2023

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Black Knights and bikes - White pics

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my remaining #Ravenwing Black Knights and bikes. Obligatory white backdrop pics.

Black Knights

I think if I was ever going to play my Dark Angels I probably would want to run a Ravenwing forces

I do like the bikes but even with all this effort I probably still don't have enough

Molten lava sword

I mean it's alright and it shares the colour of the Plasma Talons rather than adding fancy blue power weapon colours into the mix.

Moar close-ups of his blade.

2nd Black Knight

Radar screen.

3rd Black Knight

The shoulder pad was from the Dark Angel Veteran sprue, which certainly made it easier to add the company number underneath it.

I'm not sure if my highlights have improved. I just think I've become more tolerant of the brush strokes I make. 

Happy just to put enough on there to define what I want and then move on.

And the last 2 bikers

Together with their other brother. 


I wanted some Chainsword wielding bikers for this squad as I think they're a fair bit better than they used to be, but what do I know?

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Black Knights and bikes - TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my remaining #Ravenwing Black Knights and bikes. These took a really long time to get over the line and a bit longer still to get the pics taken so I may have finished them in January.

Despite convincing myself that black isn't that difficult to paint I can't getaway from the fact I just don't want to paint it. Difficult - no, boring/tedious - yes

And there were additional decisions, like the winged sword colours on the robed Black Knights. I went with red, as I;d done that on others and they'd match. But, I never liked it - so the best of a bad job.

The molten lava sword wasn't quite as good as the Talonmaster, but with time I've come to be satisfied with them rather than the slight disappointment I originally felt.

I've still got a few robed riders and bits from my Ravenwing Command sprue to make a few more Black Knights, just short on bikes. And here was me thinking my Ravenwing was done!

But with a load of upgrade bits, Corvus Hammers and Plasma Pistols for conversions some cheap bikes will get me another three Knights if I so choose.

The two bikers to join the odd one I did with my #DreadTober pledge.

Here are the 3 together.

And with my Primaris Chaplain on bike for a cool 'Kill Team' shot.

Some closer pics to get a better look at them.

At least I managed to get the re head lamp glow to be a little more to my liking.

And with that a GREAT Big RUSTY Stamp of Approval. White background pics to follow.