Thursday 9 May 2024

What's on my palette?

Bless me #WarHamFam for I have sinned, it's been nearly 6 months since my last confession! There's a variety of reasons for this but predominantly it's time. I'm struggling to fit everything in and once again if it's a choice between painting and blogging then painting will win every time.

The problem is that I'm also finding it difficult to fit in taking pictures. With a lot of projects painted in sub-assemblies it can be tedious arranging a dozen tiny weapons, just to show they're primed, or have silver basecoats. On the plus side I continue to be relatively productive. Completing the Armigers I've moved onto Ironsoul's Condemnors... Yes, I know they're Age of Sigmar but I'm using the Underworld's Warband to test a Guardians of the Covenant painting recipe. But this is my number 1 Dark Angels Task - deciding how I will paint my Primaris Marines. However, I foolishly decided to try a different basing scheme...

So, I've had to do an extra one in Red Planet BASE 🔴 so it will match the rest of my 40k figures [even though the blue base looks sweeeet!]. I'll eventually have some posts on these but it's interesting because the figure on the left was primed red, with the armour painted silver. While the figure on the right was primed Army Painter Gunmetal, with the tabard/cloak painted red. There's no real difference between the end results. But my takeaway is if there's lots of cloak go with red primer, but if it'll just be power armour [which is silver] prime Gunmetal. I've 2 more I want to play around with using contrast paints over the metallics. I just need to find time to write the blogposts for what I've done so far.

The same goes for the Lion. He's progressed a little bit, with the usual ugly washes. Despite the convenience painting in sub-assemblies, it's also really daunting. You can get to everything but you end up highlighting stuff you won't see. That's not to say there isn't value in that. It's just you end up highlighting things that will be naturally in shadow, because you don't have it in situ. So I have to get to a point where I can be happy piecing this thing back together to help my approach in painting it. 

I'm also building my Adeptus Titanicus Titans. Both Reavers, Warhounds and Lancers, plus all the weapon options. That's a fair bit of magnetising too! Despite how much I disliked painting my Titans last time around I'm hoping my momentum with the Armigers might follow through to these. I know the metallics will be monotonous, but also they're about 50% of the model. Once they're done I get to play with the Gryphonicus heraldry colours. That'll be fun, even if getting the dappled grey effect right again might be challenging.

And that's not all. I've got various Tyranids from the Leviathan box set that have had their shade washes applied, but with no WiP pics! Not to mention my efforts to basecoat some of the others. While the Norn Emissary, who is basecoated, but now I'm trying to magentise him with the spare magnets I ordered for my Titans. I just wish I had the time and focus to paint everything, take all the WiP pics and then write up the blog posts so you can see the progress. I mean I already feel I've done enough for this hobby season and that's by ticking only 3 things off my TO DO LIST! A fair bit of this stuff I'm doing now is 'off list' but if I got all these things done too I'll be well chuffed.

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