Friday 3 May 2024

Imperial Knight - Armigers in manufactorum pt.8 WHITE PICS ⚪

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer And here we have the pics on white background for the connoisseurs.

And I had a bit of fun making a 360° video, challenging myself to 'remove' the lazy Susan.

Or at least obscure it. I'll try doing some more but they're slightly time-consuming. If I can find a quicker process I'll commit to it, but for now it's just playing around.

I've always preferred the bigger knights, but these little guys are beginning to sway me

Absolutely the right choice to switch to red bonding studs on the Headhunter.

Also, I'm really happy with the decision to have it's chain cleaver red on the outside and yellow/black on the inside. So you get a more consistent profile.

Whereas, you can just get that flash of colour on the inside.

One of the reasons I love the Chaos Knight aesthetic is their dangly things [usually chains]. But I think they really work with models that have height.

Which is why I like it's ribbons [knightly favours?]. 

Gun shield shows it has campaign honours from Legio Gryphonicus and my Dark Angels.

View of the base.

I had funs adding a variety of cogs to the shoulder pad. It's cool to play around with patterns like this. Somewhat reminds me of how Dr Faust's 'Tri-Knight' was painted.

As usual, I have some doubts on the pose but I still love it.

In fact I'm overwhelmed by how these came together. Started in January, bases down by mid February.

Started them in earnest mid-March and completed April 9th!

Just about a month's worth of work, all in.

Just stoked how my efforts have come out.

Ands I just love how the decals add to, like that blink and you'll miss it, warning badge on the gunshield.

Not to mention my BCF - Best Chevrons Forever.

Such a great scheme for me with my love of yellow and black together. 

Throw in the red, bronze and verdigris, it's a feast.

Here I swapped out the Warglaive armament for Helverin's autocannons.

The Headhunter had some additional spotlights added to the cannons.

Useful in low-light conditions for illuminating his prey with infra-red light.

The lights were spare from the Revenwing upgrade sprue.

There's a little protruding stud on the cannon that his perfectly attached to.

Although I've always preferred the Warglaive, and especially in these poses, but I am surprised how great the Helverin's look. The blessing of magnets.

Alongside one of my recent Helverins. 

Now to get some games in.

Hope you enjoyed the showcase. Now onto the next project.


  1. Very nice! The videos came out well; and the trio look great together. Congrats on your results!

    1. Cheers I have a plan for easier video 360s, but we'll have to see how that pans out [pun intended].

  2. They look absolutely fabulous. I love that loping pose!

    1. I'd prefer it to feel a little bit more solid, although it is pinned so it should be OK. It won't survive a drop, but it probably wouldn't if it was in a static pose. I don't know whether I'd ever add any more to my force but reposing is much less of an onerous task now than I thought it was.