Friday 2 June 2023

'nids part 343 - Parasite of Mortrex - TO DONE!

Afternoon #WarHamFam and #WarhammerCommunity I've been #PaintingWarhammer on my #Tyranid Parasite of Mortrex and it's TO DONE! I've combined the red and white pics in one post and will do the same for the completed Zoanthrope next week.

I've said before, I'm not a fan of the way they took the Tyranid aesthetic here, and I think they've moved further on from this in the new models.

However, I do like the end result.

I've seen other Parasites recently that managed to achieve so much more with the model and although I wish I could have achieved what they did I do really like what I ended up with.

And I think being comfortable with your own ability, limitations and expectations is key to being a happy hobbyist.

You can continue to strive to improve but there is nothing wrong with 'good enough'.

Whether this figure survives it's precarious stone plinth is debatable, hopefully it's rules are rubbish so I never have to field it! 😂 

No doubt I'll hook onto its claws with my jumper leaning over the table and it'll be flung across the room to shatter.

Nevermind, I have the pictures.

White background pics for those that prefer them

Although the wings did not come out quite as I'd hoped they are pretty effective.

I aimed to add more texture under the highlights, with the blue veins and a mottled effect.

But really, I just ended up with enhancing the highlights on the all the stretched areas and highlights.

The toxic green on the talons worked really well, as did blending in some red where the wings attached to the bone area. This has worked so well since I applied it to my Tyrannofex 3 years ago

Imagine if I'd converted it into a Dimachaeron as planned...? I wouldn't have expanded my skills, my hive fleet's colours and with the Dima going out of print from Forgeworld we may never get rules for it again...

Anyway, close-up of the wings so you can see all the obvious flaws.

And the simplicity of it, and yet it works from tabletop distance.

Now I don't pretend these are tabletop standard, a bit more than that. But they're not Golden Demon either. I mean I could enter it next time, but I have no illusions it would make the finalist cut, which is all I aspire to

And so, I will instead receive my own reward - a GREAT Big RUSTY Stamp of Approval .


  1. So cool! Congrats on your results.

    1. Thanks DAM, I'm stunned with a lot of my progress at the moment. The results are great, even though they are nowhere near the quality I saw at WarhammerFest, but I am loving my own aesthetic and feel I'm getting better at it. The new 'nids may well benefit from this confidence. I just need to finish some other projects before the deluge of incoming xenos.