Monday 26 October 2020

#PitOnParade Skaven 'prodder' Big Build - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Skaven prodder for #PitOnParade. Dr Dave is creating a #ArmiesOnParade board for charity. It's some 40k weird fighting pit and I had this Skaven Rat Ogre handler from the Islands of Blood set just knocking around. I know it's fantasy [and probably should have been converted] but it pretty much works in a 40k setting too with that prodding device. So I based it up.

And got some base colours on. I need to keep it simple. I've still got my #DreadTober commitment so it's tough balancing the two with similar deadlines.

His robes will be painted similar to my Blood Bowl Nurgle trousers - Burnt Umber art acrylic. He'll be an albino with brown leather straps and then weathered prodding stick.

Hopefully I can find time to fit him in, perhaps once the bulk of the Tfex is done, with just the reds, talons and FX to do. Essentially I need it done this week to get in the post... 😲
Until then I get a Great Big Granite Big Build Stamp of Approval. 


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    1. It has been actually. I was trying a little more Blanchitsu, but abandoned that pretty quickly with non-Blanche colours!