Wednesday 19 October 2016

What's on my palette?

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been just over a month since my last confession and with the completion of my Armies on Parade goals I need to take stock again.

Right now I'm feeling really pleased at my current progress. It feels great having already completed 3 out of the 14 [20 if you include the sub-bullets of the Genestealer Cultists]. However, despite those three goals being 'major projects' [not that I qualify them that way] they'd all been siginificantly progressed before the new season, not to mention 3 out of 20 in 6 weeks is only slightly ahead of schedule over the course of the season.

So a dose of reality with my unicorns and rainbows. And as AsaltoRabioso Lleida commented about the bastions 'you sure work hard' and if I'm honest I sure feel like it as well. completing the Bastions and the Imperial Knight has left me exhausted and although I took a few nights off during the effort I feel I really needed it. I'm not sure if it's the coming of Winter but the darker nights and thought of trooping down the garden in grim weather fills me with dread. It's one of the reasons I thought the 'Great Build' would work - no targets to finish something just build what I've got.

Project wise I do have plans to tackle three things of which I'll let you in on two, I have my Acid Spray conversion for my Tyrannofex. Because it's a magnetised Tervigon I needed to extend the tubes to go round it's birthing sack [that bit isn't magnetised]. That needs to be done and painted by Caledonian - 19th/20th November. The second item is my Tyranid VSG - I fancy finishing the sculpting on that. The third, well it's painting but I don't want to spook it just yet so I'll leave it unsaid.

Overall I want to take things a little slower at the moment. The AoP deadline was powerful in helping projects through to completion but at my own expense. I feel I need to relax a bit which may knock on the blog a bit but we've been there before when content was less forthcoming so I know everyone's all right with that. Ultimately I needed a plan and to see 'where my head is @'. So now you know nearly as much as me.


  1. The Winter blues can hit hard as well, especially after you were slightly burnt out after AoP. Plenty of time to get up and running again.

    1. Embarassingly my 'blues' can sometimes be no more than a couple of days which I'm sure some folk would relish. For me it's more about finding a balance, having the motivation to not paint should I feel like it instead of the ever present compulsion to go out to the shed.

    2. A couple of days? I've not picked up a paintbrush in a week... well for models. I am repainting my kids room.

      Otherwise I am just guiding my friends through Dreadtober.

  2. I was just remarking to friends that there just isn't enough time to do everything. I find of an evening I only really have a couple of hours to myself at the minute. It takes tremendous dedication to achieve what you've done lately. I doff my cap to thee!