Monday 19 January 2015

Moar of Otty's Inquisition force

Otty has been at it again, adding to his Inquisition forc. More berobed maniacs carrying bolt weaponry.

Once again I think that's a Lord of the Rings Ring Wraith in the middle with the Power Mace.

Here they are with 3three of the previously seen standard bearer.

And some Heavy Bolters, nice to see those Dark Angel hooded heads getting use.

But surely those legs are heresy! Filthy Orks by the look of them.

And here's the muscle. The awesomeness of the Island of Blood Rat Ogre, used this time for some heavy duty henchman.

This back view shows the slightly more extensive kit bashing that took place to make it less fantasy and more Grimdark, although all those newly released Rat Ogres are doing a damn good job of that on their own

And kudos for repurposing that Warlord Titan head as a 'man in the Iron Mask' type helm. I love the eyes just visible through the eye slits. I couldn't do that.

Amazing work as always from Otty.


  1. The heavy duty henchman is particularly awesome. I'd probably have moved him to a 40mm base though, just for sake of base coolness!

    1. I had to ask him to explain again what base it was on when initiailly he told me [before I saw the picture] as I couldn't believe it. My own Rat Ogre for Blood Bowl was on a 50mm base, so even a 40mm would have resulted in overhanging feet!