Wednesday 26 January 2022

'nids part 325 - Tyranid Warriors - bone 1

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on my #Tyranid Warriors. Boy, did I forget how tedious this part can be! It's not really hard, but it takes a while to do each one and sometimes it can be fiddly.

To help with my motivation I've kept a progress log - just keeping track of what I achieve in a painting session. There's no pressure, but it's handy to see I painted the bone on 2 Warriors in a sitting, for instance. 

Then I know what I can do in the next sitting, or if I'm energised maybe do 3, or tired 1 and a bit. Of course I'm still mindful that there's 9 of these to do, so I'm always thinking about how many are left and if I've completed the bulk of them or not.

The Lashwhips are untouched as yet. I'm not sure when I'll tackle them in the process but I'm both excited and apprehensive about them.

My existing 4 updates were also brought up to scratch.

I had some doubts about why I was doing this initially but I think now it was the right thing to do, well there's certainly no going back.

But I think it'll look really impressive having them all painted to the same standard at the end.

The funny thing is 10 sounded like quite a big brood, or collection of broods, but now it seems like more would be necessary - not that I want to buy, or even paint anymore right now.

Should I need to scratch that itch I can revisit my kitbashed Hive Guard, to fix the frosted varnish at the very least. There's 4 of them that could do with a repair. Then I'd be looking at Termagants... there's at least 30 that are old skool and in need of a refresh. Plenty to keep me occupied for now though.


  1. kind of wish I'd used something like these skin colours instead of Nurgling Green. I'm playing around with lighter colours. The thought of 'refreshing' my entire army induces a panic attack however.

    1. I keep looking at some of the more grimdark colour schemes for nids and feel somewhat the same. Although I do like how I've evolved my scheme and 'blue' was always my son's choice, I am looking at them and thinking they're awfully bright.

      This refresh is the maximum I'd contemplate, I'd never consider a repaint though. After the Warriors I have my 4 original kitbashed Hive Guard that could do with the same treatment, mainly because of their Purity Seal frosting nightmare.

      There are also 30 Termagants that are very basic that would benefit from a glow-up. I'm less motivated for the Termagants though as I don't use them so much. I tend to use my newer gaunts, so their slightly dated appearance is never really emphasised.

    2. Christ, I said all that stuff right at the end of the blogpost! I am so OCD about saying these things, I can't help repeating myself!

    3. Here's one of the Grimdark schemes I'm lusting after:

    4. Yeah that colour scheme is almost Dead Space rather than 'Hive Fleet Shiny!'. I like it as an individual model. Theres something about a horde of brightly coloured gribblies carpeting a game board that gets the juices flowing however. A horde of brown dudes just blur into each other.

    5. I see your point and I can't really complain as my high contrast saturated approach was my own choice. As times gone on I've included more colours and vibrancy in my splinter fleet - I've only myself to blame. However, it does help elevate even the most mundane figures - that carpet of gaunts for instance will look amazing in bright colours, even when some of the turquoise from 10 year's ago looks ropey.

      Granted these very posts are about updating that aging paint scheme, but in a pinch they hold their own. It's my completist side that it is looking to which models would benefit from a refresh and even though I am finding it a bit tiresome I'm in a much better headspace to consider undoing/obscuring that previous effort. I particular, when the Purity Seal screwed up my models the very idea of going back to them was horrific. Now I know it will fix an unfortunate mishap and will ultimately be rewarding.