Friday 28 June 2019

'nids part 268 - Genestealer cult - Aberrants - Big Build TO DONE!

I finally ordered some bases for the Aberrants. I didn't get the same ones as the rest of my GSC, something similar but some other urban rubble bases off ebay that were slightly more 'urbany' and slightly more 'rubbly'. I'm thinking they'll fit well with my Sanctum Imperialis ruins. The Hypermorph in particular looks very impressive on this raised bit of debris.

The Abominant's base is the same one I have Deathleaper on, I'd had a spare for a long time. I'll be doing the banner as a Free Radical Collective 'sacred colours'. He fit so perfectly on it I couldn't not use it.

I actually made the effort of pinning all these and super-gluing them, whereas all my other GSC models were just glued.

I still have the two Ork Boy/Aberrant conversions to finish, they're partially built, just need green-stuffing to complete them.

I've since undercoated these 8 so they'll be ready to paint their bases. I'll probably do that as a block, with the 5 Termagants, Warrior, Hive Guard and Redemptor Dreadnought. However, I don't want to to that just yet as I know as soon as I do they'll be tempting me further away from the Dark Shroud...

 Big Build - TO DONE!

I builds it, I gets the badge!


  1. Looking good, love the bases. Are you getting many games in with the Cult?

    1. I'm not getting any games in at all at the moment. I haven't played with the GSC since Double Trouble either and that was pre-codex. I'm not entirely sure what my GSC army is about really, think it's just an opportunity to paint different things and just add variety to my nids.