Thursday 4 October 2018

Last Chance Open 2019

YouTube sensation Aceface and Dice and Decks [the hobby shop formerly known as Wargames] are back with another one of their ITC tournaments. The Last Chance Open 2019, as the name suggests is the last chance to score big in ITC for those rankings and help secure places in the big ITC events.

As such it's a far more competitive gaming experience than me or my crew are used to, but when an internationally recognised two day tournament is going on in 'sunny Southport', only 20 minutes from my house it'd be rude not to. So we're all on board, Liam, Otty, Ben and myself [Scott might even turn up too]. We've no illusions about our chances but the 11th to 13th January dates means it will be ideal tournie prep for us for GT4 the following month.

There are still tickets available at £60 for the weekend. If the remaining 30 are sold Martin has mentioned he will release an additional 30 tickets to bring it up to 150 gamers [double what he had at the Last chance Open 2018]. If this does well he's planning to expand again next year to what could become one of the biggest gaming events in the UK. The venue he's secured is the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre what we affectionately call the Floral [where we've attended Rock Nights since 1992] so it can handle almost 300 folk in the future!

So check out the Facebook page for more information, or visit Dice and Decks where you can buy tickets.

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