Wednesday 12 March 2014

'nids part 132 - 'The Great Maw' £24 Tervigon pt 4

That's the problem with the blog I want to share stuff and although I'm not taking as many pictures as I used to, I'll suddenly find myself with a load of pics to share all at once when I've felt I've been scrabbling around for content that could have been micro-blogged over the course of the week. Here's the base, at the point of completion I decided to create the mound to hide the 'Cuban heel' I'd added to the Tervigon's hoof to make it sit level. Some DAS clay and sand explains the slightly different colours in the top left.

You can just make out the magnet extensions too. The two arm sockets have had another magnet added and sculpted around with Milliput. Without them the claws and talons sit a bit too close to the body and looked dumb.


All the striations have been done, the spots will be done last. I think that's quite a time consuming part, it's not very much painting and it does make a huge difference but it does feel like a lot of work for not much return, even if that's not the case. On the plus side this was considerably less mind numbing than the first one. perhaps my 'mojo management' techniques are keeping me sane?


The Tervigons together, despite the different paints they are suitably related to one another, should I have done a green belly?

All Chitin highlights and spots complete, you get a good view of the tail too, like I said - all pointless because they can't take tail biomorphs! Still makes it a little more distinctive. I keep thinking if it's possible to put the middle legs at the front and what that would do to the look of the model. I'd love to see some mix and matches between the Tervigon and the Haruspex, it'd be really interesting to see what's possible.

The first Bonehwite highlights are also in place. Now that was more mind numbing!

However the continuous momentum to get it done has pushed it through. Rest assured though that I'm paying for it in other ways, the 'addiction' does feel more like it's controlling me than I it, my sleeping habits are also up the spout again. Anything pre-midnight is 'early' for me know!

As you can see the Scything Talons are attached [by magnets] the claws are still a bit iffy even with the extensions but I'm still more upset by having the poles on the right arm in such a way as I cannot attach the Hive Tyrant's Fleshborer Hives :(

Still to add that head though. Next set of Bonewhite, then the fleshy bits, claws and any Special FX -I'm going to make the vent stacks glow - to differentiate it more and add more fluff about the toxic bio-plasma for it's Miasma Cannon.

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