Thursday 18 July 2013

MOAR from my mate Liam - kit-bashed Daemon Prince

A harmless interlude from my Bastion progress, we'll leave the paint to dry before for alittle bit. So, lets remind ourselves of the insane creative genius of my mate Liam. This is his Daemon Prince which just won the Battle of the Brush competition at his local GW store in Bolton.

And here it is in it's pre-painted nakedness so you can get a taste of the conversion work that went into it's construction.

Some more angles, with a cork and cast resin base. If I recall correctly the head and perhaps the chain-axe ares removable and uses technical LEGO pieces for swapability.

You may also notice the black ring in the base, I think this is double based with a 40mm base fitting inside a 60mm [once again using LEGO] so it can be game legal and also super impressive for display [painting competition winning] purposes.


  1. Wow that thing looks great, there's so much amazing conversion opportunity in the Fantasy line!

  2. Haven't seen a prince without a mace in a while.

    Looks awesome.