Thursday 1 December 2011

Terrain is everything - Can't see the wood for the trees

I mentioned in April my concerns over trees and after a 12 month wait I finally got to nip back to Dobbies, our local garden centre [and craft shop] to pick up a pack of their model Christmas Trees. These are really popular in the USA for 40k. I've seen loads of battle reports that feature these particular festive flora.

That's the set you get, 21 pieces from a company called Lemax for £13 which I think is good value. Clearly there's at least two that are just a bit too big, they're the same size as my 40k outpost that got bigger! but great line of sight blockers for a Trygon!

Of course there's one big issue with these trees, the seasonal kind. Ferron Proxima is not known for it's snow and chlorophyll as a substance does not exist in it's standard green as evidenced by the Ferron Bindweed. So initially I will be undercoating them all in Red Oxide primer and will be then repainting them in shades of yellow.

More to follow...


  1. Intriguing, will be intresting to see how these turn out.

  2. Thanks Snake88 I've since done a test version of the yellow and it is extremely 'unnatural'. I think when they are all done and on Ferron Proxima it will work but in isolation your mind is telling you the 'fir tree' should be green, they're always evergreen and never change colours but your eyes are telling you that it's yellow! Anyway, the rest of the trees are primed except the big two, I was running low on primer and didn't want to waste it. I'll look to paint them up over the next few weeks.