Sunday 18 September 2011

To done...?

OK, so I just Purity Sealed 90% of my son's 'nids, which was on my To Do List. It's nearly enough to be ticked off in my book. The only things not varnished were the Gargoyles, the new Tyranid Prime, the Hive Tyrant and the Mycetic Spore. The can is nearly empty and as it's been sat for nearly a year I thought it was long overdue, but I was a bit concerned about 'frosting' which is why I'd left it. I can't say I got away with it. Some of the Mechrite Red on the bases got a bit 'chilly' but most of the other bits are on the Bonewhite so it doesn't show up so much

So a big tick for me... except now that they're protected I need to do the very last bit, gloss varnish all the claws and talons. So after giving myself a tick for completing a job I'm now going to add in a new one, typical! More ebay stuff coming up tomorrow!

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