Thursday 4 August 2011

Old Skool Marines

I admit you may suspect this is just a 'filler' post and potentially you could be correct but these lead [pb] and plastic old skool Marines have been clogging up my collection for years now and it's another example of the extent of the miniatures I invested in way back when only to never really pursue the painting side of it. At some point I'll be getting to them, which reminds me I really need to list my current projects so we can better understand the mammoth task ahead of me.

Here's a close-up of the standout figures, the original Dark Angels Captain and a number or Marines with Terminator Honours. Not sure how to handle those in the Dark Angels. Shouldn't those marines with Terminator Honours still be in the Deathwing? Not sure what I could use them for but mabe I'll get round to that later as they're way down on the 'to-do list'. One other little note, the Space Marine Captain with the power fist, can you make out the tiny conversion? Yep, that's a las-gun glued to the side as a targetter. I just couldn't let it lie could I? One thing I'm thinking though, he came with a cloaked backback which is nice and all but I do like the silouhette without so I'll probably just source one of my Dark Angel back packs from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue when I get round to painting him.


  1. These guys saw solid use back in the day on many a table. Some of those poses must be etched in the collective GW gaming consciousness. Great models.

  2. Much nostalgia from that Dark Angels chaplain. That nostalgia is one of the reasons I like to mix models, old and new.

  3. Yeah, these are tiny compared to the new plastics, stunty marines!