Wednesday 26 January 2011

Biel Tan-tastic

So my son got some Eldar for Christmas, that seems ages ago now but this blog isn't always current. Anyway despite my request for advice and my son's initial desire for Iyanden and Nacretineï he decided on Biel Tan. Not sure why, his cousin has White Scars army so they'll look very similar. Now despite my instructions to 'not interfere' I thought I'd at least come up with some painting plans for him to follow so he could get a decent result. However, when I asked him if he wanted to start on some of my old Warhammer Fantasy Battle High Elves he said 'no, he'd rather go straight to the Guardians and Jetbike'. 

Of course I sat with him and painted these fellas whilst he did, ultimately wishing I hadn't because I found a better solution in my tests than the one I suggested based on this tutorial. I really liked Lloyd's guide and his Guardian looked cool but perhaps a beginner using Badab Black as a light wash for white isn't always going to be subtle. 

Anyhoo my test below from left to right is 
  • Vallejo Stonewall grey basecoat with white drybrush [subtle]
    Black basecoat helmet with Sap Green craft acrylic [glossy]
  • Vallejo Stonewall grey basecoat, Badab Black wash, with white drybrush [less subtle]
    Black basecoat helmet with Vallejo Dark Green [matt]
  • Vallejo Stonewall grey basecoat, Badab Black wash, with white drybrush [less subtle]
    White basecoat helmet with Vallejo Dark Green [neon but kind of acts like a wash so built in highlights]
  • Anita's Baby Blue craft acrylic basecoat, with white drybrush [so subtle, so pretty, soperfect]
    Black basecoat helmet with Sap Green craft acrylic [glossy]
The right one is what he should have done, less mess, easier to do and quicker as it's one less paint to add.

So here is my son's first Jetbike using the 'Vallejo Stonewall grey basecoat, Badab Black wash, with white drybrush [less subtle] and Black basecoat helmet with Vallejo Dark Green [matt] method.

And the Guardians...

To be honest I can't say I've learned enough from my Being a Pushy Dad post. I've still helped to much, there were tears and tantrums and really I should just leave him to it. On the plus side we had two sessions of painting to get to this stage and he did instigate the second session which is progress in my book and I think I left him to it more the second time. Inbetween all these Eldar I've got him painting a Genestealer and a base of Rippers but I've not photographed them.


  1. I definitely empathize with you; just treasure the time and shared interest. Skill comes later if the interest persists.

  2. Cheers, we've had another attempt at some more Eldar, mainly putting them together. he did a bit more than previously but complained a bit about how much he had to do! I've got a post about this to follow [eventually]. So we're at a stage where I'm waiting for him to make decisions, until then I will neither pressure nor suggest, it's all got to come from him. Which, given his true level of interest, I may be waiting a while, which is kind of sad...