Sunday 17 June 2012

'nids part 40 - Yet more ebay Warriors

During my recent ebay splurge, I say recent it's about three months back now. I got another 5 Warriors. I think the bargain price in the end was about £11 all in. It was two auctions and the seller kindly combined postage, which was nice considering they hadn't offered it and I got them all for such a steal. Anyway, the plan is to create another 2 Hive Guard and as you can see there are plenty of the required components attached to these to get me the result I need.

I've also got some of the remaining bits from my nieghbour and car-share buddy Mark. I was also looking to try and create a Tyrant guard with the remaining crushing claw components and some of the Mawloc Scything Talons, however initial dry fits are proving problematic in fitting the model on a 40mm base. There's just not enough room to fit everything in. I've seen one example on the internet of a Warrior-Tyrant guard conversion with the claws but I'm pretty sure it sits on a 60mm base which is ludicrous. I may look to see if I can get something a little bigger - 45 or 50mm wooden discs if they're available from my local craft shop. Otherwise some extra bits of slate my add more surface area whilst retaing the official base size. If this is no joy then I'll have to abandon the conversion.

Of course if I have the Hive Guard and Tyrant Guard I'm left with two Warriors, so no Shrike unit. I may definitely do another Deathspitter Warrior to join my existing unit, way we can have three Deathspitters, 2 and 1 Barbed Strangler or 3 and the Strangler. Options ar eextremely useful.

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