Monday 18 June 2012

I could be right I could be wrong?

I was in the Southport GW on Sunday, the manager's away but another guy was covering. He was cagey about what he knew about 6th but promised there would be plenty of fun in store next Saturday for pre-orders. He then seemed to forget being cryptic and dropped a bomb shell that's either completely bogus or very exciting - he was of the impression there would be 3,000 copies nationwide of the box set available as a limited early production run to pre-order on the 23rd ahead of it's August/September release!

Will have to wait and see if this come true...


  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm just as excited about the box set as I am the rule book so hopefully this will happen.

  2. Well it's the box set that intrigues me most however it's going to be big decision time on Saturday as if there are copies available then I may have to dig deep. I've bought the Tervigon, some Forgeworld bits and some more gaunts off ebay this month, next month is my wife's birthday, kids are on Summer holiday and my friends have suggested another Warhammer Tounrament - Throne of Skulls doubles in September but tickets go on sale beginning of July. So much for budgets!

    Anyway we'll see what happens Saturday, meanwhile I'm lapping up the new teaser trailer and leaked book cover.

  3. I think it's looking more like the 'limited edition' items will be the 'collectors' and 'gamers' editions, so I don't hold out for the box set afterall. Still more time to save up for it.