Saturday, 29 October 2016

6+ Happy Blog Day

The best pic I could come up with to represent 6!

6 years young, I'd say this was becoming a habit but the blog is called 40kaddict, so the clue was in the title anyways. So we've gone beyond habit and become an 'institution'? Well I should probably be institutionalised that's for sure.

6 years, who knew I'd be going this long and to the same degree, near enough. It was only ever supposed to be for 12 months every other day and then scale it back. For sure there are fallow periods and it's much more difficult to do now as I blog pretty much 'real-time' with fewer scheduled posts. But I still love doing it, OK there are times when I don't - that it's a bit of a bind but there are still times where I wish I could just empty a stream of consciousness into the thing, have it explode, be bigger and better.

Not to mention the feedback I get from you guys, the support, comments, compliments and even the insults [Ben Houghton]. Despite my own advice that you should blog for yourself first and foremost, to satisfy your need to document your achievements, I really do feel obliged to the 300+ followers and remaining casual viewers to keep up the good work.

Thanks for sticking with it and being the motivation for continuing the blog, you're all ace!
Wouldn't this be a better representation of 6...?


  1. Congrats on 6 years! You've achieved a hell of a lot in that time... You should be well chuffed with yourself.

  2. Congratulations! Many more years to come, I bet. It feels like 40k is under going a renaissance at the moment, with more changes next edition, I'm sure; exciting times to be an addict!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary Dave. My dog is one today too.

  4. Inspiration to all as always Dave :) Happy Birthday!

  5. Congrats on the milestone; look forward to more posts from 40kAddict to come! :D

  6. Great stuff Dave, your blog is still one of the go-to reads and features original stuff aplenty, if only I had quite the following you did!

  7. Congratulations Dave fook knows how you've managed to keep us all interested for so long haha