Friday, 17 November 2017

NMTBW Game 3 - 2000pts battle report - Dark Angels v Tau

Last game and I was still on table 12 but my opponent this time was Ian Plumpton. I first met Ian at Blog Wars 9 over four years ago which is another enduring success of Alex's events - a regular group of people continue to participate and it's always cool to meet up again. Ian was using Tau this time [instead of his Adeptus Mechanicus] something I believe he started because he won some Tau related goodies in one of the Blog Wars ludicrously generous raffles.

The low down:
  • Cleanse and Capture [3 objectives per turn]
  • Blood Points
  • Hammer and Anvil deployment
  • I went second

Ian's deployment, twin Devilfish with Breachers either end of his line with the Stormsurge holding the centre, two Ghostkeels pushed up in my grill and two squads of Stealth Suits, one with the Ghostkeels and the other right up against my DZ just outside of shot on the right.

You can just see the second squad of Stealth Suits on the top left, so I deployed the Ravenwing bikes to counter. Black Knights arrayed against a Ghostkeel with the Dark Talon and Knight holding the centre opposite the second one. Scouts hold the high ground in the ruins.

Devastators in the abandoned Bastion and my Plasma Tactical Squad in the centre, Flamer Squad beside the Knight with the land Speeder.

Turn 1 and my cards weren't good I had drawn objective 4, which was in the ruin to the top left but thought I couldn't get it. But I'd accidentally positioned my Ravenwing Apothecary in such a way that he could just reach it. The rest of the Black Knights positioned opposite the Ghostkeel, while the Dark Talon zoomed forward.

Ravenwing Bikers positioned between the Stealth Suits and the Black Knights. This gave me options - I could see how their shooting went and charge if they weren't successful, and if the Stealth Suits could be dealt with they're then in a position to sweep round with the Knights supporting that flank. They were also helping to cover the Apothecary too.

The Knight moved up to the second Ghostkeel with the Techmarine sprinting to keep up and the Librarian a little ways behind.

Tactical Squad took cover int he ruins and the Land Speeder repositioned to get good fields of fire and cover, although with hindsight he probably could have stayed where he was and still shoot...?

Ravenwing bikers managed to shoot, kill and charge the Stealth Suits laving just one left alive, grrr. Lone survivors are always a problem.

Black Knights managed to do some damage on the Ghostkeel, not sure how much but he killed one Knight in return. The Dark Talon also managed to wound the Devil Fish. The Stealth Suits in the centre looked to have been wiped out too, I think thanks to the Tactical Squads close by. I ended up with just the 1VP for holding objective 4 this turn.

Ian's turn and those slippery fish headed flippers just will not stay locked in combat. The lone Stealth Suit jumps out of the combat with the Ravenwing bikes... lets just take a moment to acknowledge six Ravenwing bikes could not kill a single Stealth Suit in combat!

The Ghostkeels also jump out of combat and the Stormsurge anchors down to dish out the pain in his next shooting phase. Ian secures Objective 5 for 1VP

Ian had brought down a unit of Battle Suits beside the lone Stealth Suit. They'd targeted the Ravenwing bikes but I'd only suffered two casualties. I repositioned and returned fire, killing two of the Battle suits. The Plasma Talons of the Black Knights destroy their Ghostkeel, leaving them ready to assault the remaining one. The Dark Talon banked off, I still hadn't dropped it's Stasis Bomb, waiting for a bigger unit to make the best of the Mortal Wounds. Tactical Squad moves up and the Apothecary joins them. Ian has drawn a Warlord specific mission to capture Objective three so I have to put as many bodies on it as possible before the Taun Commander arrives by Aerial Deployment. The Imperial Knight prepares to multi-charge the Ghostkeel AND Stormsurge!

After Overwatch the Imperial Knight is on 18 wounds. Everyone gets into combat, the Stormsurge takes a licking from the Knight but isn't quite put down, equally the Ghostkeel survives. I score 1VP for objective 2.

The Bike Squad surround the Battle Suit and Stealth Suit and still can't finish the job off on either of them.

And thus they slip through their fingers yet again. Finally the Tau Commander arrives to offer them support, thankfully away from objective 3, where he needs to be but my forces deny access to it.

Instead Ian redeploys on objectives to guarantee Supremacy at the end of his turn.

The Ghostkeel prepares to leave combat while the Breachers disembark to mow down the Black Knights as they become exposed.

And they become super exposed, with not even their armour sufficient to protect them! Just the Huntsmaster survives.

The Ghostkeel jump allows it to fire at the Imperial Knight, supported by the Devil Fish. Ian scores 3VPs from Supremacy so is winning 4 to 2, but is till holding the high scoring Warlord mission if I lose Objective 3 to him.

My turn 3 and I also draw Supremacy and alongside Kingslayer I have the cards to meet and overcome Ian's lead. Huntsmaster and Apothecary [down to 2 wounds] converge on the Tau Commander, the remaining bikers move to support and give options on those indestructible Battle Suits and Stealth Suit survivors.

Tactical Squad surround Objective 3 with the Librarian, while the Techmarine repairs two wounds on the Imperial Knight.

Who shoots the Stormsurge to pieces and then multi-charges the Breachers and Devil Fish. I split my attacks for the Chainsword on the tank and Titanic Feet on the Breachers but it's spread too thin and fail to achieve either goal of wiping one of them out.

The Battle Suit gets picked off with shooting, the Stealth Suit lives to die another day. I charge and the Huntsmaster gets headshot on overwatch! Everything piles on the Commander but I cannot kill him and I fail with Kingslayer but secure Supremacy for 3 VPs.

Ian's final turn and the Commander manages to kill the Apothecary for Kingslayer and scores 3VPs this turn to take the total to 7VPs for Ian 5VPs for me. BPs are 1497 to me, 550 for Ian. So, three games, three losses on VPs and three wins on BPs [which Ben was quick to point out is still three losses]. But I have never been so 'killy' and this game in particular nearly 75% of Ian's force was wiped out.

Given my practice game wasn't so successful I'm really pleased how this went down. My final position was 20th out of 32 but in truth I didn't even check where I came until Alex posted the results online. I honestly didn't care about the result, I'd had three of the best games of 8th I've ever had and as frustrating as the Maelstrom results are the effectiveness of my army list far outweighs what I feel is a relatively underpowered army.

It was another classic event and so long as Alex keeps running them I'll keep going. My only disappointment was forgettign to do selfies with Tom, Tom and Ian, how could I forget? Anyway, I'm looking forward to Double Trouble 3 next year where I hope to take my Genestealer Cult... I've got the painting competition to post up next, hotly contested as usual ;)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

NMTBW Game 2 - 2000pts battle report - Dark Angels v Blood Angels

Next up was Thomas Capper, he and his brother go to loads of the local events but this is the first time I've faced him. I was actually quite pleased about this as I figured he'd be pretty clued up on the rules so might speed things up and help iron out my lack of knowledge in the Dark Angels - he was running Blood Angels so there was overlap in equipment stats at the very least.

The low down:
  • Cleanse and Capture [3 objectives per turn]
  • Blood Points
  • Hammer and Anvil deployment
  • I went second
I pretty much deployed across my DZ, Knight in the centre, bikes to it's right, Dark Talon it's left.

Thomas had a couple of Rhinos with Death Company in, a load of Scouts, a Baal Predator and a Predator Annihilator, Librarian Dreadnought, Mephiston and Sanguinary Guard. I didn't take any more pictures of Thomas's turn but he scored 6 VPs thanks to Supremacy (2VPs) and Priority Objective 4 (4VPs) which he was sat on top of. So I had a real challenge on my hands.

My turn and I had drawn Objective 1 twice, I don't recall where that was but I could score it with ease. Which left me to try and deal with the Scouts and the Dreadnought. The scouts got shot to pieces and I got the Black Knights into assault with the Librarian, unfortunately the Apothecary couldn't keep up.

The Biker Squad went for the scouts int he centre of the battlefield.

The Dark Talon dropped the Stasis Bomb on the Sanguinary Guard - it killed one and wounded another, I hadn't realised they had 2 wounds each [or a 2+ save!] no wonder it was 306 points for the squad. Mephiston was holding that objective backfield [for which he'd won 4 VPs for Thomas]. But it also blew up the Predator Annihilator. The Rift Cannon did 6 Damage and then a further 3 Mortal Wounds with the Rift Vortex. It must have had damage from something else as it's no longer in play.

The Black Knights hacked at the Dreadnought, I did some damage but not enough to end it.

One of the Rhinos got popped and his tactical Squad got out.

The Dreadnought hit back and left all but the Huntsmaster and another Black Knight [Banner just for show] alive.

Thomas's turn 2, the Tactical Squad rounded the central rock formation. My Techmarine had taken cover behind adter suffering wounds int he first turn.

The Dark Talon looks to have been obliterated, I think close shooting from the Inferno Pistols of the Sanguinary followed by being assaulted by them - there's not much it can do against a Power Fist!

Mephiston moved up with the Death Company who wiped out the Ravenwing bike squad with ease. However, he still had three units in his DZ for Hold the Line and 1VP.

The Dreadnought couldn't stand the Corvus Hammers, it was on 2 wounds and I think I used two Command Points to attack first killing it. I needed objective 5 in my turn, so now it was secure.

The Baal Predator succumbed to shooting with the Imperial Knight bearing down on the Sanguinary Guard. 

More shooting took out most of the Tactical Squad and the Techmarine and Librarian assaulted them to blunt their advance.

I managed to kill at least one in combat, whoopie do!

The Knight managed to kill four of the Sanguinary Guard, I think with his Reaper Chainsword.

Thomas's turn and Mephiston took out my two HQ's although the Librarian had initially denied his 'Blood Boil' power. Meanwhile the Death Company got to grips with the Ravenwing Knights as they had to secure Objective 5 and needed to outnumber the Ravenwing or kill them to do it.

Which they did.

My turn 3 and I draw Kingslayer - Mephiston must die. but I have a bucketload of Bolter shells, a Knight and my Warlord to do it. I sweep the bike round so it can try to take out the Sanguinary Guard if Mephiston falls to the other elements.

The Knight and Tactical Squad kill Mephiston for 1 VP.

The Apothecary assaults the Sanguinary Guard.

but without and 6s on his Corvus Hammer the Guard shrugs off the attacks and punches him with his Power Fist killing him outright.

We run another turn each where Thomas secures objective 5 again and I secure objective 3. The final score is 9VPs to Thomas, 5Vps for me but 1361BPs to me and losing 1082BPs. So another loss on VPs but win on BPs, practically unheard of me but again a very tactical game and far more rewarding 8th edition.

One other point of interest was Thomas pointing out my Plasma Gun toting Ravenwing biker could fire both his twin Bolt Guns and his Plasma Gun, which I could scarcely believe. You see, I knew Thomas would know this shiz. But then I started to think, why can't they all fire their Bolt Pistols too? Well it would appear that there's an answer to that question and gosh darn it, it's only in the rules. Pistols specifically state the model may eitherfire their main weapon or the pistol, that's it. I'd even had a moment where I reverted to 7th and was of the belief I couldn't charge having fired the Bolt Guns because they weren't Assault. OK, so the rules are anaemic in places but quite often the rules are right there, or if they're not there, then they don't exist! Of course the Bolt Pistols also mean I could have had a round of shooting while the bikers were locked in combat, which I forgot. #stilllearning

Monday, 13 November 2017

NMTBW Game 1 - 2000pts battle report - Dark Angels v Orks

Nevermind the Blog Wars, Alex From the Fangs return to full scale singles tournaments, the friendliest of tournaments and the 7th event I've attended that Alex has organised [he'll start to think I'm stalking him next]. First game was with Tom Kendrick and his Orks. Apparently it was his second tournament as well.

The low down:
  •  Cleanse and Capture [3 objectives per turn]
  •  Blood Points
  • Dawn of War deployment
  • I went second
The initial deployment, cover was sparse unfortunately, aside from the four ruins there was only the Ork mudbath for me to hide my scouts in on top of an objective [just in case it popped up in my Maelstrom].

They were pretty close to all these Orks and Ghazgkhull too, which was intimidating. He had these two  big mobs of Boyz, a Weirdboy, Painboy, Ghazgkhull, Lootas, and an Ork Nob on a bike.

On  my left he also had another mob of Boyz and a Weirdboy, two big blasta guns [or whatever] on the tower, a Battle Wagon full of Tank Busters, and two Dakka Jets, one on each flank.

I had the Black Knights, Devastators and Land Speeder Typhoon [in the ruin] on the left flank to try and deal with them, while my Knight held the centre...

Tom's first turn and naturally everything moved up with the Dakka Jets zooming forward. The right Dakka Jet managed to rip apart my Ravenwing Bike Squad, leaving just my Plasma Gun toting biker alive.

The left flank moved forward too.

Then the Weird Boy cast 'da jump' and flung 20-30 Ork Boyz right up in the face of my Black Knights. The Dakka Jet, big weapons and Tank Buster blasted all their worth at the Imperial Knight, stripping  a load of wounds off it thanks to some pretty appalling dice rolls on my saving throws. But by the end of turn 1 Tom had failed to score any VPs.

With limited experience I had no idea if charging the Boyz with my Black Knights was sensible or suicide. But killing a fair few with Plasma Talons helped reduce the overwhelming numbers of greenskins. The Knight went for the Battle Wagon, by this stage just on 5 wounds [whether from the previous round or after some lucky tankbuster overwatch], but he was pretty damaged.

My Dark Talon had dropped it's Stasis Bomb on the big blob and I moved the remaining Ravenwing bike, Librarian and Techmarine to support the Scouts as I believe Tom needed to score that objective. At some point I kick myself for not shooting the Scouts at Ghazgkhull, Toms says to go ahead but I say no it's too late now we've moved into the assault phase. About five minutes later I suddenly realise I didn't shoot with the Dark Talon either. Thanks to dropping the Stasis Bomb in the movement phase I'd just figured I'd done it. But 24 Bolter shots on that mob of Boyz would have come in real handy, not to mention the Rift Cannon on the Dakkajet! You live and learn

The end of the turn and the Orks suffered so much damage the failed their morale and amazingly the Ravenwing had seen them all off. Meanwhile the Knight is now on three wounds.

The Dakka jet zooms past the ruins.

His partner coming in from the right for a side by side pass. The Battle Wagon falls back, meaning the Tankbusters thankfully can't shoot the Knight but opens it up to attack from the weapons platform, that promptly whiff!

Boyz line up on my spirited but outnumbered defence of the mudbath jacuzzi.

And get swamped, in both senses of the word. The Ravenwing Biker gets chopped down and all but the Scout Sergeant. Techmarine and Librarian survive but not enough bodies to stop the Orks claiming the objective which thanks to another objective scored meant Tom walked away with 4Vps this turn!

Tactical Squad with Flamer move up to support the remaining guys in the mudbath.

My Black Knights move up to secure an objective at the base of the ruins and the Dark Talon Zooms over. Shooting at the Battle Wagon destroys it.

The Tank Busters now out in the open among the smoking wreckage of their Battle Wagon.

Moar shooting at the weapons in the towers.

Lots of shooting at the Dakkajets but I can only reduce them to 2 and 4 wounds, which still gets me half Blood Points each, but I was close to getting full points on both.

With the Battle Wagon gone the Knight charges the big mob of Boyz, stomping with his Titanic Feet. I'm not sure how it ended up, but I think his feet were a lot greener by the end of it.

A big melee took place in the mudbath, making it more a bloodbath. No idea how it ended up either but ultimately I scored 2 VPs this turn. The we ran out of time I think.

This was a really great game with Tom and felt tactical and unlike many of the 8th edition games I've played so far. I lost on VPs 4-2 but somehow won on Blood Points killing 700pts+ compared to losing just 532. I must kick myself for not shooting the Dark Talon, he might have had a decisive impact on the game with his 24 shots but winning on Blood Points was a 'win' for me. I surprised myself by thinking that was all I needed to consider the whole event a success regardless of what was yet to come!

On to game 2...