Monday, 5 October 2015

3000 - Arbitrary milestone of the week

Here it is! My most recent arbitrary milestone is 3,000 and as promised it's all about you, well mostly you, a bit of me and probably a few spammers - it's comments! Yes this little blog has generated 3,000 comments, from compliments to critique, rules debate to penis enlargers we've had it all.

I've always tried to answer comments, even if it's just to acknowledge receipt of a compliment [hence why I probably have so many comments]. I know recently it's taken a while to respond but that's access issues to the blog front end but I do get round to answering them all as soon as I can. My mate Ben mentioned how he no longer comments on blogs he doesn't get a response from so I appreciate your patience in waiting and I'll endeavour to still deliver comprehensive replies should your comment require it. Having a dialog with the readers helps to make this blog better and it reaffirms the value in continuing to publish posts.

I still get chance to comment on others blogs, sometimes it's easier than my own, I may not be as prolific as Greggles but I'm keen to practice what I preach and it's important to highlight credit where it's due. I think we're seing a little resurgence in quality blogging in the community at the moment so I'm glad we're making the hobby a better place. All the best.